Yet another quickie

G'day all!

In mysterious happenings recently, I seem to have adopted a chicken.

Yes, Boldie now comes running to me when I walk outside (if she is out of the chicken slammer). If she is locked in and sees me, she makes a dreadful noise, the same noise that she makes when she is lost (which is to say when her unsisters are not with her - she doesn't like being alone, unlike Isolde).

It took pretty much six months for her to decide that I am the Provider of Goodness (aka food) and that if she follows me around for long enough I'll go and get her some grain. Where she goes, Goldie goes too, about a metre or so behind.

Hmm, just remembered I took a video a little while back that I wanted to share with you. Chickens dust bathe and mine are no exception. I just didn't expect them to all squish up together and writhe around. Goldie is obvious, I hope, Boldie is in the middle with the wattles and big comb and Isolde is the suspicious one on the right. She has a very different temperament to the other two and I am fairly sure is pure English Game. She's gone broody again too.

I am off up to Sydney tomorrow. I am looking forward to having a break - I haven't been away for ages. Haven't had a holiday since last year, except for these little weekend breaks. Gibbering is kindly looking after the puddings (must remember to buy cat food on the way home tomorrow!) and will check the chookies.

We've had Even More Rain. This is the wettest year we've had since the last millenium (sounds impressive ;-). We had so much rain this arvo that there was standing water in the back yard, and we have alluvial, well drained soil (used to be a flood plain). I think it is about 13 years since we had such good rains all the way through the year. The wind was so strong this morning that it woke me up. Half the front yard was almost flat the wind was blowing so hard. Just as well saplings are flexible eh? I'm very glad I am flying out tomorrow and not today cos today would've been terrible. I'm a big wusster when it comes to flying in bad weather.



  1. Your chickens have such luxuriant feathers!! They are really enjoying their bath too.
    You are The Chicken Whisperer then!!!
    Have a lovely break!!!
    Yes, it's been wild and windy and very wet here too. I wish it was cooler and wet.
    Hope the flight is perfect!!

  2. I think it's the phrase 'used to be a flood plain' that stands out there. Sorry, 20 years with a loss adjuster does that too you.

    Graham was trying to fly to Brisbane the other day when Tullamarine was closed temporarily due to lightening strike! I'm sure you won't get that.

  3. Have a lovely trip.

  4. Anonymous9:38 pm

    hello Lynne,ive just caught up with your posts,lovely flowers! You look wonderful in your new dresses as well!!!
    Im sitting in my cruiser on the laptop to get out via aTelstra Dongal at my Mums House on the Darling River,Dunlop Station,the floods coming mid January but Ill be gone by then,very unhappy to leave Mum on her own while she decides what shes going to do,we lost Dad to the dreaded C a couple of weeks ago,not looking forward to the 2300 K drive home,
    Hope you have awonderful Christmas with Hubby,arguments or not,LOl Mine is flying home to go back to work next week


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