December already?

G'day all!

Umm, where did the year go? Actually on second thoughts, this is one year I'd prefer not to have back...

We are in the countdown to Christmas in earnest now. I am busy at work and at home. I've been weeding madly in the garden. I'm sewing madly (no pics, it isn't far enough along yet to share but it is going to be waaay cute when it, or rather they, are done. Well I think so anyway!). I'm knitting a shawl madly. I think I've gotten everything together for the mortgage broker tomorrow.

Yesterday I had my first three monthly check up. The checkup was on my arm in particular, the right one, to check for lymphodema. Its measurements were one millimetre in most of the places measured different to last time, so that is good as it indicates it isn't puffing up badly. I talked to Vinod, the medical oncologist leading the study I am in. He said that I am not going on tamoxifen or any other hormone blocker cos the biopsies did not show enough estrogen activity (and NO progesterone activity at all). The side effects from the estrogen blockers would probably outweigh any possible benefits and I already have enough to deal with from the side effects of chemo (and radio but it is the chemo that is still having ongoing issues!). The joint pain I'm getting is almost certainly part of the low/no hormones (chemo knocked them out). I am feeling and looking much better than I did, but I still have a ways to go.

Me, Krustette the clown. LOL

Anyway, it is much later than when I started this post and DH must nearly be walking in the door, so for the nonce,



  1. I love you hair. It's totally rad. I was thinking about dying mine purple, but I just can't bring myself to make that commitment. I am glad you are feeling better.

  2. Agreed - wonderful pic of you and hair.

    Greetings to Nathan.

  3. Great medical news!!
    I reckon you look pretty fabulous!!

  4. You are starting to get your colour back (no not the hair though it is indeed colourful), it looks good. Your body must be slowly recovering from the challenges it has faced and overcome during the year. Congratulations on coming out the other side with a smile on your face.

  5. I love your pink hair and you look great!

  6. great news on the medical side! you and your hair look amazing ! on the note of hormones and cancer and treatments: read Sex Lies and Menopause by T s Wiley. En eyeopener about the value of hormoned and hormone treatment! I'm here for you Sweetie, just email me if you wanna chat ;-) have fun!


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