Now with added squee!

G'day all!

Terribly busy (aren't we all?) at present but must share this with you.

Now with added squee!

(Doh, uploaded the sideways version... will try to get an upright one online instead!)
(I suggest turning your monitor sideways as I cannot figure out how to rotate the video using Avidemux. As a typical open source project created by enthusiasts, the help is pretty much non-existant and they just expect you to know what they are talking about and how to do stuff with very little direction. Like why won't it encode the video to its preferred state when I've run it through the encoder and saved it, which means it should let me use the filters but IT WON'T. Avidemux is a piece of crap if you want to do anything more advanced than cut a video to bits. Nyer nyer nyer.)

(Work had its Christmas party yesterday. We went to a GF mexican restaurant and then to the aquarium. PENGUINS! SQUEE! Tortoises, SQUEE! Cuttlefish, SQUEE! Stonking great big stingrays - WHOA!)

Back with more when I've got crafty pics done.

Remember the contest - you've got only about 38 hours before it closes. see the next post down. So far peoples have a good chance of winning - I've only got 10-15 entries.



  1. Oh, penguins are just the cutest, aren't they? My total favourites at Edinburgh zoo since the giraffes departed for a breeding programme.

    Have a Happy Christmas, dearheart and a healthy New Year!! xox


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