Light and open

G'day all!

When Nathan asked me what I wanted my kitchen to look like, I said "Open and airy."

I didn't expect it to be so true!


This is really bringing the outdoors indoors. Just as well we have a few fine days ahead of us, eh? 8-)

BTW, for the winner of the Christmas stars? I shall announce it tomorrow! (and I'll have to make more cos most of the ones I've made I've given to family so far! My bad) I'll show a little of an Oz Christmas too, but maybe on the travel blog. Mebbe not either...



  1. Merry Christmas! Glad it is summer where you are. We've been listening the test match and they keep talking about nipping out to buy sweaters :)

  2. That's really open an airy!! Kevin McLeod would be very impressed!!

  3. Haha, looks just like my boyfriend's kitchen did a few months back. I swear I nearly froze...

  4. Well he certainly catered to your needs huh :)

  5. Lordy woman it was about 9 deg over night last night, did you have the cats all over you all night?
    Hoping that the "gaps" disappear poste haste!

  6. Happy Christmas! What happened to the wall?


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