We have a starry winner

G'day all!

On this, the last day of December in the year two thousand and ten, we finally have a winner of the Christmas stars.

Here's seven stars.

Winner gets five of these seven.

The other two stars go to family. I think the winner will get three red and white and two green, red and white ones. Yes. That sounds good!

Getting pics was the very devil today. It is 40C now. A little hot! The northerly is blowing like a furnace from hell. I managed to get a pic that looks like this:

but most looked like this:

Enough dithering and procrastinating. Do you want to know who the winner was?

Well all the entries were written on a piece of paper and stuck in one of my knitting project bags.


Then I drew out one piece of paper.

LYNZ! Come on down! You have won this lovely set of stars.

I have a little more to say before then end of the day but I'll blog it separately.



  1. Bloody hell! My only win of 2010 (sneaking in under the wire!) and what a cracker! Thank you so much, dude! Here's to a wonderful 2011. xox

  2. Well done, Lynz! Your stars are gorgeous, Lynne!!


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