Hooray - now with evidence

G'day all!

My what an interesting day.

I spent the morning hammering away at Christmas presents.

I finished one batch at my niece's 21st - she is the third niece to turn 21 and the second last. I still have another niece and two nephews to make it to 21. I stuffed myself full to the brim on four different roasted meats and salad (I missed out on the crackling though, *sniffle*), and then followed up with some gf/df chocolate cake with berries. Mmmm.

So here's three of the Christmas stars I've been making:

(I finished another three but forgot to take pics of them before they were gifted and taken to Rosedale. Excuse the quality of the pics, I took them with the phone under poor light.)


They are about a handspan wide (my hands are 10cm/4" across) and are made in various Christmassy materials.

I bodged the pattern from Maggie Makes (scroll down for the star garland). Instructions on how to put the pieces together are at Linaloo.

Oh boy, whilst I am at it, go look at Maggie Make's blog. She is giving away an amazing embroidered tree topper. And look at Linaloo's links to some fab paper wreaths. I am not a paper person but jeez those are tempting me!

Do you like the stars?

Would you like to win some? Let's say five of them. I reckon I can fit five into a smallish bag for overseas postage and certainly five will fit in an oz post express bag for domestic mail. Five in a variety of red, green and/or white prints. They won't be the same as the ones above. I just made them similar to stop any arguments between my sister's offspring. (Amazing how kids will be kids even when they are all in their 20s.)

Leave me a comment for a chance to win. Become a follower for a chance to win. If you are already a follower of my blog and comment, I'll give you two chances to win. What would I like as a comment? Tell me about the things you like most about Christmas. (If you are Jewish, Hannukah. If you are pagan, some part of the pagan midsummer/winter festival. You get the drift I hope!) If you just jump up and down and say pick me, pick me, that isn't good enough. Tell me about what you like most about this holiday season. The winner will be picked by random number generator (and if I have enough entries, I'll use a real computer generated random number, not "Husband, pick a number between one and seven," or grabbing a number out of a hat.)

Entries close at midday AEST on Christmas Eve 24 December 2010 (that's 2am in western Europe and 5pm PDT in the US on the 23rd). ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED, thanks.

I think I'll be spending some more kwality time with the sewing machine tonight and tomorrow 8-)



  1. Hey Lynne :) Loving your hair atm.

    I love holidays I love all holidays and the traditions that go along with them... not traditional traditions but the ones that come from my family like I love cutting into the ham on Christmas morning and having it on toast with tomato sauce, we've always done that and I love making rum balls and apricot balls to give to friends and family from the recipes that I learned from my friend Laurelle who also taught me to make jam and how to preserve fruit and I love decorating the table each year with a different theme and sometimes I even decorate the chairs. I love planning out the meal and having family together and this year I'm loving the fact that my little bubba Lucia is having her first Christmas ever! and I look forward to passing on our family traditions, recipes and sense of fun to her :)

    Have a great Christmas!xox Kat

  2. Hello :)

    I'd love to win as I've had trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year but now I'm enjoying writing cards and am just about to make some peppermint bark this afternoon. I enjoy decorating the tree and seeing the lights on. We are snowed in so can't get our tree yet! I love the break the best - no rushing around - just enjoying ourselves without worrying about work or other things.

  3. Those are so pretty! Love your new blog background too - I read blogs in a reader and so don't often see the whole enchilada.

    Anyway, what I love most about the holidays is figuring out the perfect gifties for all my loved ones. Going through the process of thinking about their life, where they are now, what they enjoy, and finding or making something that will bring them real joy.

  4. What I love about Christmas,is that besides beeing the birthday of a GREAT person,is the chance to go to my mom's house and my hometown - 650km away from where I live- and get together with the people I love!!! sister, brothers,my mom,my darling in laws!

  5. These are lovely! I will have to try to make some as well -- though winning some might be better! Thanks.

  6. The thing I like most about Christmas is the fact that, thanks to Graham's delightful family, I can enjoy a Christmas meal with extended family that is not overshadowed by my childhood fears that my father would, eventually, do something to ruin Christmas. Which he did, every year. I can actually relax and enjoy people of various ages enjoying themselves without fighting or sulking. Oh, and the fact that they are so insistent that my contribution is my pavlova, that this year I am making two because people are still talking about how some of them missed out on it last year!

  7. Jesus is the reason for the season so I enjoy celebrating his birth. I look forward to our family get together with 4 generations to have dinner, exchange a few presents, and have a low key, casual day with loved ones. Merry Christmas to you and yours. The stars are lovely. From Florida, USA

  8. Hi Lynne,

    Those stars are very pretty. I love the fabric and your mixing of it on the stars.

    I enjoy watching the small grandchildren opening their presents and I find it amusing that so often it's the small, cheap present which is the hit of the day. This year it was the rocket ship iceblock maker given to Master-just 5.

    Happy Christmas to you and nathan and I hope this coming year is much better than 2010 for you both.

  9. When I first looked at the pictures, I saw grey wool swirls over red & white fabric... took my eyes a while to see that they were actually stars! Very pretty.

    Don't like Christmas, so I don't need to win anything.

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving - a time to be grateful for the small things in life.

  10. Love the starry background for the blog, very Christmassy. The stars you have made are very petty too. I've just not been in the mood for Christmas this year which is hard when you have three children who are. Too much other stuff going on getting in the way.
    The best bit about the holidays is the enthusiasm of the kids, it is infectious and is slowly bringing me up to the mark this year!

  11. I'm going to tell you what I love about this christmas compared to previous ones!! Its the first christmas Moose doesn't have to work since we've been married!! We aren't going anywhere staying on the ridge and eating turkey'
    +! We didn't buy gifts for any
    one other than T and my niece. We are not stressed about christmas anymore and won't be in debt trying to pay for it. Hoping too make some fun traditions at home. Sounds good yes?

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Hi Lynne! I've been following your blog for a while via GoogleReader. (I always forget that you can "follow" as well!!) Love the stars you made... while I found you through a knitting blog search, I'm a quilter as well so I always get excited to see what things have come off your sewing machine! Inspirational!

    I'm usually Scroogey around the holidays... not outwardly but really, I can do without. Stress, drama, money hemorrhaging. I need to figure something else out. However, this year I've REALLY enjoyed receiving Xmas cards. I got married in November, my family tripled and I just love all the new cards I get now! This year inparticular I LOVED putting up my mom's silver vintage xmas tree!! Complete with color wheel! <3


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