G'day all!

I got nada to show you - nothing at all!

I've been so busy over the last week I've hardly had time to stop.

I've gone to Sydney, had a Christmas party and a pool party and another invite to swim over the last weekend, then wandered around Sydney CBD and Pyrmont so much that I got a blood blister on my toe (!!!), then I flew home and got back late enough that I just wanted a meal and bed (but of course if I eat late, I can't go to sleep for another couple of hours at least....), then I had work for three days, and today I've been wandering around like a lost soul trying to catch up with all the things I haven't gotten done so far and feeling out of sorts. I am very aware that it is a year almost since I was diagnosed with cancer and whilst I am very happy to be here, I am also a bit grumpy because recovery is slow and painful now. The rapid strides to health have become leetle teensy steps with a fair whack of joint and muscle pain.

Work was interesting yesterday (well it is often interesting, like mostly interesting). Only problem was I had to get up at 5:30am (not my usual 7:30 or so) to get a train by 6am to get to Essendon North (aka the other side of Melbourne) by 7:30. Which I managed. I caught a train into the city and then a tram out.

I was meeting up with a ergonomist chap who was going to take me out to a worksite to see what an ergonomist does in the field. It turned out I was going to a hospital laundry. It was interesting seeing what he does. He was very careful with his words - he does not force people to do it "this way" but instead makes suggestions for the workplace to take on board. They don't have that much choice in what they do as they have to comply with OH&S legislation.

I was knackered by the time I got home - some time after six pm. 12.5 hours. Then I dragged my weary self off to Crafties to see various friends.

Whilst I am still remiss with crafty photos (even though we have the long days now, we are having foul weather, excellent for ducks and anything that likes to fly on strong winds. I can't put anything down to take pics of without it blowing away or getting rained on), I am madly making stuff. Christmas is only a week away and I only have a day to make the rest of the family presents as I expect to see most of them on Sunday. I've finished a shawl, I'm working on some Tardis socks for Nathan, I have to rework some socks I've never worn for a friend who has shorter feet than mine.... I have to move half the mulch out of the driveway so that the new windows can be delivered (I am struggling with physical stuff at present - my back is sore cos I keep overdoing things, well I hope that is why it is sore!), I've shuffled things around in the garage to make room for the new windows, I've done all the application stuff for the refinancing of the mortgage.... and then I wonder why I don't have any energy left!

It's just occurred to me that I have to move the mulch pretty much by the end of tomorrow and get the presents done too. Eeek. On Sunday I am out most of the day doing family stuff (or at the farmers' market). And we're almost run out of money, either cash or credit. The house has sucked several thousand dollars out of our budget in the last month. Ouch. Just as well we both have jobs cos otherwise we'd be screwed!

Maybe next time I'll have pics for you? With a contest? Cross your fingers and hope 8-)



  1. You've been busy. The ergonomist sounds interesting.

  2. Seriously busy week you've been having there! Like the stars in the background. Hope you get to slow down before Christmas arrives!


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