Vanity - a change of heart

G'day all!

After all the fun times this year and gaining two new scars and loosing sensation in an armpit/tricep, I decided that I would no longer wear singlets and short sleeved tops and anything with narrow straps. After all, who would want to see my hairy armpits? Or the scar(s).

Well, the first hot days came along this week, closely followed by warm muggy days. Guess who was straight into singlets (tank tops) and spaghetti strapped tops?

That would never be me, would it?

Well I can't see the scars or the hair, so I'm not fussed 8-)

In celebration of the same, I bought me two pretty new sundresses.

Can you believe they were only $18 each?

I am delighted with them. Yes they are different - one is a larger size and they have different coloured dots on them.

I guess I am a bit of mutton dressed up as lamb but I really like them. They are pretty and I feel girlish in them, not like a Cancer Victim at all.


Also, look at those curls! I've never had curls before. I didn't realise the hair on the back of my head was curling so nicely - the sides look like Krusty the Clown half the time and the top has a kewpie doll thing happening. (Man, I'll never be a model with my shoulderblades covered in a nice layer of fat! But I don't want to be a stick, I like having a little flesh on me!)

I have been knitting on a new shawlette, 22 leaves. I rather like it, dunno if I will when I get onto the middle part of the pattern where it has a very repetitive small lace. Currently I'm finding I have to be alone to get it working as I keep miscounting in company. ahem!

Despite DH going back to Sydney on Monday morning and the weather being ABOMINABLE (like honestly, when did we move to Sydney with all this humidity and thunderstorms and rubbish?), I've had a good week. I've ordered the new windows and paid the deposit, I've got plenty to occupy me, I've got a lovely new fan, a metal one with red blades and body (for only $15 too!). My sister calls finding bargains like this a "Betty shop" in memory of our mum, who was an expert bargain hunter if ever there was one. Now all I have to do is clean up after myself - I've had two nights out in a row along with hot weather and working and I've been slack. My bad! Guess I know what I'll be up to tonight!



  1. They look just the thing for the weather you describe.

  2. You ma lady are awfully hard on yourself. They look fantastic and you certainly don't have FAT on your shoulder blades!!! Are they purchasable * I think I just made that word up * online?

  3. Those dresses are adorable -- you look fabu!

  4. You look fabulous and oh so happy in those dresses :-)
    Crappy weather we've been having though huh?

  5. You look wonderful.

    We've been having freezing weather (at night, literally!) most of the week. Now it's raining. Looks like winter weather is finally upon us.


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