Hello 44

G'day all!

Thank you for the birthday wishes - I much appreciate them. I hope to get back to everyone that I can in person but you know me, so you might have to wait a little while.

Last night I had a very nice birthday tea at the parents'-in law place (homecooked Indian food with chocolate birthday cake). I even had a very small amount of Riesling, an 11 year old Riesling that was verra nice! (Even to this non-drinker.) Today work went out to lunch for my birthday and I got another chorus of happy birthday. DH basically forgot, though he knew it is my birthday cos when I asked him, he said "It's your birthday!" He thinks that because he knows, I know he knows - does that make sense? Like everything he knows and experiences, I experience. Doesn't quite work that way....

I didn't do much for my birthday. One of my sisters took me out for lunch on Tuesday then we wandered around the Australian Garden at the Cranbourne Bot Gardens. I started arranging to get our house refinanced cos our mortgage is extremely expensive - it was very competitive but then our financier was about the first company to go anywhere in the GFC (that would be global financial crisis, not the Geelong Football Club) and it suddenly became nearly TWO PERCENT more expensive than the cheap places and one percent more expensive than the big banks. With our mortgage, that makes $200 a month difference in interest alone, and our mortgage is not large. So if we can refinance, that would be grand.

I rang our ADSL provider and asked why we were paying rental on the handset we don't have. They said that was a very good question and they are looking into it.

I went shopping and bought some new clothes to go with the clothes my sister bought me on Sunday. And some clothes just because I haven't bought clothes for a very long time. (Unless socks count and stuff from Savers, stuff bought so I would be able to clothe myself after having my operation.) I still need some new pants cos my year old ones from the US are getting a little sad. We've all had a rather hard year.

Today I went to work. I did interesting things today and we had roughly an hour long discussion on the layout of a flier, including what fonts to use. I can be a bit of a font nerd at times. So can my boss. LOL

Have I taken pics of any of my crafting? Or any presents? *blush* Been busy! That is my excuse. Also I don't have pics of my destash sock yarn yet either. I probably won't get them before Monday at this rate - I have a BBQ on Saturday and have to clean the whole house from stem to stern, as well as cut the grass outside and get ready for an influx of people (I decided that since only about 12 people had said they were coming, I'd have it here. Now about double that many have said yes. Oh, for locals, BBQ here on Saturday arvo. We'll eat later in the day but you can come along from about 2pm, look at the yard, stop the kids from getting into mischief in the completely child unfriendly demolition remnants in the back yard, byo chairs and a plate....).

Tomorrow I am going to see a mortgage broker, see if I can't get a better deal onour mortgage. Maybe we haven't had our jobs for long enough. But maybe...



  1. Happy Birthday! Hoping that this coming year has many blessings and beautiful things in store for you! I am looking forward to seeing your sock yarn pics, no pressure though! I LOVE the yarn I ordered from you when you were in the States - will get you to send it to my parents in Sydney though so there will be one lone present under the tree when we arrive in early Jan! Have a great weekend! R

  2. Happy happy birthday! Glad it was a chill day for you.

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad the day was a good one.

  4. Sounds like a good few days ahead as well. Hope the weather stays fine for the barbie!!


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