How time flies

G'day all!

What a topsy turvy week last week was. It was soooo nice to have DH home. And odd - I am getting used to not having him around! But now he is back in Siddeny.

It was stinking hot here today. OK, stinking hot for November. 31C, or did it hit 32C? It is still quite warm inside - 27C - and the poor little old fan is rattling away (the louvre on the front rattles). I'd use the giant monster fan that some friends gave us but umm, DH put it in the attic space and it is waaaay too hot up there for me to go find it and lug it downstairs.

This means my crafting time today has been zero. Not a bit of crafting done. I did borrow some interesting looking books from the library. I did go and look at cheap double glazed windows from Bunnings, but given the online quote for nasty aluminium windows was $700 less than the one for nice wood windows (much better thermally and look prettier, though with more maintenance) that also have the hardware (latches, winders, locks, etc) included?

When I've reorganised our money so we can place a deposit, I'll get that underway! Then we will have the new windows by Christmas for DH to install with some willing helpers. I hope with willing helpers!

I haven't knitted a stitch for two days. My arms are a bit unhappy with the amount of mulch I've moved so I am taking it easy on them. Mebbe I'll do a little after blogging.

I am inspired by this post of Melody's. I love the colour she has painted her bathroom. I've been trying to figure out what colour to paint our bathroom (currently it is sorta light dirty yellow with horrid spots and smears of some sort of oily hair product - thanks, house sitters! - and dark blue tiles). Well I am not too fussed if the colour doesn't match our beautiful pale cornflower blue bath, I just want light aqua walls! I went out and got a sample pot of paint in Chalk Blue (or so Dulux calls it) at half strength. Once I've sugar soaped the walls a couple of times, I'll see how it looks. I hope it won't be rancid cos I really like the colour. It is the colour of glacial water. Maybe I want that colour in the new kitchen? Or the loo?

I've got a whole bundle of fabric to photograph and share with you. Got some for my birthday. Maybe a bit more than some. *ahem* Scroatfight was selling off various fabrics rather cheap and someone cold not resist... sigh. Hopeless! Plus I must show you the cakes from my MiL and friends' combined 60th birthday party. My sister-in-law-to-be loves making fancy cakes and she sure had fun with this lot!

But for the nonce, I leave you with a fat quarter bundle of fabric that I have been eyeballing all year and finally bought recently. Hooray for the Aussie being pretty much on parity with the Greenback!




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