A perfectly lovely day

G'day all!

Thanks to those who have bought yarn - I am either packing it up for you or it is on its way. I'll let you know either way...

So today, Gibbering and I went for a drive down to Grantville. There is very little of any consequence at Grantville, really. It is a very small town. (But of consequence to my husband's family is that his brother's fiancee's parents have moved down there.) Of more interest to us is the bushland around there, and the report that my BiL brought back of orchids and other interesting stuff in flower. He was right. There was all sorts of flora on display down there, dirty stuff that it is, flaunting its sexual parts at all and sundry...

Why, then, am I putting a very unflattering shot of Cheshire on my blog?


Because cats are generally more interesting than plants to many people. And because I think it is a very funny pic. He took over the cat bed last night. Nutmeg slept with me instead. At about 1:30, Nutmeg got lonely and woke me up by purring in my face. I then had to get up to wee and saw Cheshire lying like a dead, bloated cat on the side of the road (only in a cat bed and he isn't dead, or he's reanimated very well indeed....).

Also it deflects you from the complete and utter lack of knitting content in this post. I've only knitted about 10 rows in the last week. Been a bit busy, I have.

More deflection - Miss Nutmeg came to visit as I took pics of the sock yarn yesterday. She was quite insistent on visiting and I had to sternly forbid her from sitting on my nice white cloth and the yarn itself.

I'll run away before you notice the lack of crafty pics. LOL



  1. Nothing like an unflattering animal companion photo!! Cheshire is beautifully patterned and has no shame!! Miss Nutmeg is gorgeous, I love her eyes. She has a compelling stare!!

  2. You can post pics of cats anytime and I'll be deliriously happy....love those little paws hesitantly waiting at the threshold!

  3. LOL you made my day with these pics!!!

  4. That is a photo worth keeping till Cheshire has a significant birthday! LOL Like some of my niece which my sister produced on niece's 18th.

  5. Aww they are cute cats. Glad to hear you had a nice birthday - happy belated birthday to you. I am just catching up on blogs now xx


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