New and shiny

G'day all!

My laptop has a shiny new hard drive and a shiny new version of Ubuntu. Hooray!

Of course all such upgrades come at a price, and that price is I've lost my bookmarks until we find them in the back up.... Also about 50% of my preferences had to be deleted to make things work again.

And we forgot that the machine overheats unless the fan is told to run, and when installing software, the instruction to run the fan doesn't work! DH was getting mighty frustrated with it "crashing" (actually shutting down) until I reminded him. When he set up an external computer fan on the laptop, it ran like a charm. (I'm mighty impressed by these tiny little computer fans - it was moving a good bit of air around and I think on the next hot day, I'd like a few hanging around me! Alas that would mean having a power supply to lug around too...)

I've got new pics to edit to show you things I've knitted that I've forgotten to get pics of! I knitted a few things over a month ago and still haven't gotten their FO pics. I've not been doing so much knitting recently, not sure why. I think I've been doing too much gardening and quilting. The garden is an ongoing issue as there is only one of me and I'm stretched pretty thin. I've got work, chickens, cats, a half kitchen, a whole house, a garden.... Doesn't sound like much but I spent more than half of Sunday dealing with dishes, cooking meals and fixing up small things that needed to be done. It all keeps me busy! No rest for the wicked and I must've been extremely wicked!

I'll be back later - feeling hammered after a day of driving DH places (he hates driving) and then sewing a backing for the new quilt topped off by 1.5 hours of energetic weeding.



  1. Ah you must be having days of feeling good, so that's great!! Happy new laptop, most of the talk about which I do not understand!!

  2. I've had issues with computers and fans as well. I just got a new shiny hard drive myself. I finally have my laptop back, but I am going through the same thing with losing the bookmarks. When will someone invent a way to back up your bookmarks?

  3. OOH Lovely new drive. I can see how shiny it is. If you're running Ubuntu, can you use something like Time Machine which is standard on Macs as a backup?

    For just on $100 I bought a very large external drive and cradle and son set Time Machine running. It backs up absolutely everything as many times a day as I choose in its preferences. Another son who had to make use of the backup said it's very easy to use, as Macs are. Just choose the day you want to restore backup from and off it goes. System preferences, settings, bookmarks, whatever was on your machine. It's given me peace of mind as my eMac was old and I could tell the hard disk was running down by the groans it was making. I have a shiny new Mini Mac now and a backup. The time machine back up disk is big, but the program will start again at the beginning if the disk fills up, so the latest is always available.

    OK, there's no off site backup set up, but really, I'm not running a business or anything. Son who does run a business has a similar but more sophisticated system. All his financial data etc is backed up and sent every night to an overseas online site and he also has offsite storage here. That includes encrypted passwords and also serial numbers for his important programs. Everything else is backed up in a similar way to mine but with larger disks and equipment.

    I think my system came from Zazz. I'm really happy with it.

  4. we use old computer fans to move the heat around the house - we hang them in the doors since we're short enough that we don't walk into them (our friend Dave, on the other hand, walks into them regularly when he visits, heh) and they're QUIET! love them!


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