Quickest quilt EVAH!

G'day all!

A couple of weeks ago, I got inspired to start a new quilt, based on a Fat Quarterly quiltalong.

I showed you some pics along the way.

The longest part for the whole quilt was hand sewing the binding down. It took me nearly a week - in part because some nong managed to not catch both sides of the binding when she machine sewed it onto the front. She managed that not just once, or even twice, but THRICE! I was getting really peeved with myself over that....


Anyway, it is all done now.


I am very pleased with it. If you are into perfection, this is not it - there are puckers all over the place, the backing isn't quite straight (ahem!) but I care not. It is done, it looks good, it isn't heading for a quilt show or anything, it is likely just to be used as a throw on DH's lounge suite.


I particularly like the use of the black and white polka dots on the binding and to make the backing long enough. Oh yes, I did not intend to have black and white dotty stripes on either side of the rainbow. I am not a black and white person - I think we have discussed this before. But I recognise that it is a very handy combo of non-colours.


Very pleased with how bright and chirpy it is. I'm not very good with dull colours, though I have the fronts of two dull cushion covers awaiting backs and turning into cushion covers... There might be a reason why they have been in progress since umm, well nearly three months now. They are dull!

I already have another quilt in progress, this one from the siggy quilt swap that I did several months ago. I've had the blocks sitting staring at me for ages and suddenly I just laid them out and sewed them up. Now I have to figure out a backing for that one. Sometimes I like the backing more than the front! Heh :-)



  1. Love it in all it's spotty goodness, and especially the green surprise on the back with the rainbow colours. I think the black with the white spot ties it all together nicely.

  2. Gorgeous. Just love it.

  3. Great job on the quilt. Don't ya just love when it all comes together all quick and clean like? The black and white spot goes perfectly, love a matching set!


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