Anew month, a new FO

G'day all!

Hooray for me I finished something!

I thought I would have a second something finished by now but not quite. It is close.

DOOD! Turn that stereo down - it is vibrating my house as you drive by!

Anyway, here's my new mittens.


Are they not lurid?

Mandie from EGMTK sent me the yarn - she said it needed to live with me. I started making socks with it but no, this yarn could not hide away demurely inside shoes! It screamed to be loud and proud and out!

So I made mittens instead. Tip up, not cuff down.

I love the way the thumbs striped. I knitted them during radiotherapy, so I'll remember them and the comments from staff and fellow radio-ers - people either love them or look away. I made them up as I went along so the first one (left hand) is a bit wonky. My sister-in-sin said they were made for someone with very long fingers. Yup, that would be me 8-)

I admit that I am struggling a bit at the moment. DH is having such a hard time in Sydney, between the job and being on his own, that he is likely to quit and come home. That means that we will only have my little job. OK, he shouldn't quit until he has a new job but the rate he is going, he'll end up in the loony bin. Either way, it adds a whole load of financial pressure as he'll have to pay out the lease on the flat, we need to bring some of the stuff up there home, etc, etc. (Hiring a van will cost about $800 I discovered in the past.) We don't have any cash reserves left to do that with. This last month is the first time I've paid the mortgage since March.

For a while there, I thought things would work out but *sigh* It makes things so very hard, not knowing what the future holds. Uncertainty is a huge stressor for me. Stress is bad for me, I try not to be stressed cos I don't want to dance with cancer again. I try to take things one day at a time but some things are too big to take one day at a time. I was so looking forward to a bright and shiny new month where things would sort themselves out in my favour but alas...

Which somehow reminds me. I am going to do a destash. I have waaaay too much yarn and fleece and stuff. It is stressing me. So apart from gifts and stuff I have clear ideas about using and a few things that I just love to bits and will not part from, I am going to try to put a few items a day up for destash. It is nice to have a collection but I need to have a little less of a collection.



  1. I hope you are wearing your cheery mittens all the time to make you happy. Bah humbug, you are having a not very nice year, good thing it's almost over because then next year can be A Good One!!!

  2. Sounds like an awful lot of unsettled is still happening, it would be nice if the world would just give you a break for a while. Sending calming and solving vibes you way, keep your chin up you'll get through it one day at a time.


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