I'm melting!

G'day all!

It is horridly warm here again today. Am starting to envy the -6C temps in Fort Collins at present - that almost sounds pleasant!

Work was quite dreadful as the air con has passed on with a seized compressor and is being replaced. Home ended up being no better. I put the little portable fan on and at first basked in front of the moving air put out by it.

After a while, it didn't seem to be making much breeze any more. The louvred front was still whirling around so I thought I must just be not in the right spot to catch the breeze as it moved around.

I had noticed an odd smell but it wasn't very strong.


Fan not working but louvres still pushing around!

Guess I'd better go buy a new fan. We have the big black monster fan but even on low it blows all the papers off the desk. And it is in the attic behind other stuff that I cannot be bothered moving at present. I have a little computer fan blowing air on my hands and the laptop. It is very pleasant.

Also? The ceiling fan in the bedroom?

Hasn't been working very well. Lots of noise and squeaks but not much air movement.

Why yes, it does have a switch that reverses it from winter mode (blows air upwards) to summer mode (blows air down). Fancy that. Maybe I should flip the switch so that it blows air down....

I am much more willing to put up with noise if it moves air around!

OK, time to run away back to the ceiling fan room. Not enough air movement in here and I am frying. Pics will occur again in the future, never fear, but currently I am just too warm.



  1. Oh you poor thing, but you just made me think of the Wizard of Oz. If only someone could spritz you with water all the time. Was hot here today but not too melting. I saw a mist machine that makes the air outside all misty but not wet on BH&G. I may need one for The Labradors and me this Summer. Think cool thoughts...

  2. We're going into winter here so hearing about your sunny weather does make me smile :)


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