MiL thankfulness

G'day all!

I've been reading some of the threads in Remnants on Ravelry. (Go on, admit you like to hang out there too, even if you only ever lurk!)

I am sooooo glad I have the mother-in-law that I do. She's never gotten along with her MiL - her family was "not good enough" - but it made her determined that she would get along with her daughters-in-law when they came along (assuming her two sons were straight enough to prefer girls!).

Barb has been wonderful this year. She is busy with her job but she's taken time to look after me this year - cooked me dinner once a week (or more), checked up to see if I'm ok, etc.

So this is a little post to say I <3 my MiL. :-)


In other news, preparations are well under way for tomorrow's BBQ. I still have to buy beer and make two cakes and tidy up more outside (and inside) but I am feeling ok about it currently. I've visited the mortgage broker and it is very likely that we can refinance our place, and get this, the repayments will drop from about $1750 a month to just over $1000! That makes a *HUGE* difference to our position, especially since with any luck we'll still be able to pay out the old amount each month = pay off home loan much quicker.

Our chooks are down to two eggs every couple of days. They are living on borrowed time now. I have sourced some new chooks, only the new girls are at least two months off laying and I'm wondering what to do. They can't all live in the one pen most likely cos the established chooks will brutalise the new youngsters. But I can't make a new pen - don't have time and am not affording a new one either - we need to get Nathan a fridge first!

I have only 20 minutes or so more sewing on the quilt before it is finished. Hooray! I thought I'd be done with this by last Sunday it went together so quickly. But alas, it has taken days to handsew the binding down. I really should try sewing the binding down. That would require precision pinning and sewing though. I can't say that my sewing is very precise yet but practise will eventually make perfect, or at least good enough 8-)



  1. Excellent mortgage news!!! Must be a weight off your mind. What kind of ckes are you making??

  2. Hooray for a helpful MiL. Mine is pretty good too which is nice. Happy news about the mortgage, quick change it over before hubby decides to change jobs again.

  3. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^


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