Wild and woolly

G'day all!

Alas still no pics of my knitting! If I had laid it out today for a pic, it would've been blown away and I'd never see it again! It has been (and is) amazingly wild and woolly outside - if only there was fleece blowing around but sorry, just wind. And it is c-c-c-c-c-c-cold!

(North Americans will laugh when I say 10C without wind chill is c-c-c-c-c-c-cold but it is cold and a little damp and the wind chill brings it to fridge temps. I've had the little heater on all day and it has barely managed to get things warm - I've got on a singlet, a tshirt, a long sleeve tee, a fuzzy jacket, my rain coat, a pair of trakky dax, my flannel(ette) leisure pants and socks and slippers, plus woollen hat with cotton liner and I'm only just managing to stay warmish.)

I am rather looking forward to a short break in Sydney, where it will be sunny and around 18C. That will feel very warm to me! Sydney is warmer in winter than Melbourne (hello! We are further south and exposed effectively to the Southern Ocean, so cold fronts can swing up from Antarctica to us - we buffer Sydney) but our summers are more pleasant as we don't get the humidity Sydney gets.

I had to go get this stupid seroma drained again today. 160mL of fluid vs about 100mL a couple of days ago. It is getting bigger! I'm a little worried about the trip to Sydney - how will I cope if it is blowing up this often? I've spent the rest of the day with my arm clamped to my side, doing only the bare minimum of lymphoedema exercises and also I stuck a (brand new kitchen) sponge under my arm, not to absorb fluid but to provide a little more pressure to see if that stops it swelling up. Noone told me to do, that I'm just trying it out, see if it helps any. If I need to, I can go back tomorrow afternoon to get it drained again. That works pretty well with my day of going into town and seeing my sister's new apartment. If I time it well enough, I can get the train from the city and the bus to the hospital and then continue on that bus to umm, gosh, forgotten where it meets up with my train line.... Anyway, it all works to some extent!

(A random shot of a bit of garden just the south side of the Yarra River opposite the Melbourne CBD. We love our palm trees here - it is like we are saying SEE? Warm enough for palm trees!)

Must give a big shout out to:
a) my friend M, who has been a champ driving me around on Monday and today, and for taking on the horror that is the remnants of the old kitchen and cleaning it up. She scrubbed pots, she scrubbed the bench, cleaned the stove, sorted crap out from good stuff... Thanks! Also she's lent me a heap of DVDs. I watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day this evening. Aww, what a nice movie :-) Heh. The lead of the movie is also the person who narrated "The Botany of Desire" which I've been watching recently. Her voice is very different as she was raised by Canadians in Pittsburgh (!!) but speaks with a Brit accent in the movie.

b) Gemma, the BC nurse I've been seeing. She is rushed off her feet but always makes time for me. OK, it is her job but she is genuinely fabulous.

(Also, my cousin in the GOO tribe, KW, for making me a very yummy vegie/lentil soup. Thanks!)

Must remember to take the camera with me tomorrow to get pics of the new flat. It sounds wonderful. My sister is very excited about it. Then I have to download pics and get them online ASAP as I'll be offline most likely for the time I'm in Sydney - DH isn't set up with mobile net in Sydney yet, though he does have a shiny new Android phone, alas awaiting a sim card.

I must also acknowledge the wonderful afghan I got from my old buddies at Green Planet Yarn in the US. Yes, I've had it for ages and have not managed to get one decent picture of me with it - mainly cos my arm doesn't stretch far enough away 8-) DH is too far away to take pictures of me (even with the 10X zoom on the new camera). Plus it has been so windy so often recently that I can't even lay it outside to get a pic. Grr. But I must email thanks, sadly with no decent pic. (OK, it was not very windy yesterday afternoon but I spent that time spraying the fruit trees before bud burst cos I want them to be healthy and grow well, not have leaf curl, etc.)

There, another rambly post. Rambling posts mean that I don't have anyone to talk to. DH is on the group retreat - a three day holiday where they do a bit of team building, by the sounds of it a fair whack of drinking cos he was rather merry, and recharge. At least he sounded more enthused - he had found people to talk to who didn't just gossip but who actually think about things. He's a thinker, not a gossiper or social butterfly.



  1. Our BOM has the temperature and then thee way the temperature FEELS. So it can be 10*C but feel -5.
    I like your seroma experimentation. Do you have a hot water bottle? It might make you feel a little warmer.
    I laughed at your palm trees!!


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