Why why why... seroma

G'day all!

I'm a bit grumpy tonight.

Not going to Sydney. Stupid seroma. It won't lay down and be good (I don't want it to die, I just want it to not puff up so much I can't do my exercises).

Feeling crabby. Poopy stupid seroma. I have to create filks of songs for it.

My, my, my, seroma!
Why, why, why, seroma?

Listn to me,
(and to me!)
while I tell you
(yes I drain you)
of the seroma that blighted my life
(If anyone gets the second one, I will be very surprised - DH will get it because I've sung along with the song quite a few times but gosh it is an oldy)

I still haven't taken pics of my knitting. I was horribly busy today - spent too much time spinning this morning, then had to dash up to the library with a book that I thought must be horribly overdue cos I couldn't even find it on our accounts. Ahem. No, we had accidentally stolen it - it wasn't checked out properly. They said thanks for bringing it back, I said "can I borrow it now please?" so now it is borrowed properly. I guess some people would be happy to keep the book but I would feel horribly guilty. Apart from the usual pens and post it notes from the work stationery cupboard, I've not purloined anything deliberately (and even then the pens and post-it notes were usually used for work I was doing at home. Plus their pens sucked big time and I had to buy my own). Then I hurried to the supermarket and lugged enormously heavy kitty litter back to the car (umm, yeah, naughty me drove. the hardest bit was getting the key in and out of the ignition), and for what purpose STUPID SEROMA? (Oh, our cats don't usually have a litter tray indoors - they can access the greenhouse at night, and it has mulch in the bottom of it, or in the case of Nutmeg, she seems to have the bladder of a very large critter.) I even had to run for the train despite my two minutes fast watch saying the train was due in two minutes. I can't run very well yet, and am very very bad at running uphill. I thought I was going to die on the train and the way people were looking at me, they thought so too! Thank heavens for knitting distracting me.

So I went into town today to see my sister's new apartment. It is verra nice. Modern. Filled with light. Fabulous for someone living the minimalist dream. (Not me!) Great views!



(She can even see the bay but my pic wasn't very good so you get pics of the CBD and of a nearby garden in its winter colours - bare trees and very green grass.)

Very impressed. She'll experience a totally different lifestyle - everything is in walking distance, hardware shop under the building (these are important things you realise!), supermarket across the road, work 1.5 blocks away, bars and restaurants an easy stagger (not that my sister is the sort to get totally off her face but a bit squiffy is quite fine)....

After waving her off, I went with her daughter to look around docklands some. Only one pic - not really worth that many pics!


I really liked this sky anchor. I'm still waiting for the cloud ship to appear.

Onto the tram, off the tram, grab some Lord of the Fries (GF chippies! yay! Becoming less of a treat now that I've had them twice in one week...), onto the train, onto the bus, out to the hospital to get Mr Seroma looked at again.... stupid annoying blasted thing. I told Gemma, the BC nurse, she is my best friend - I've seen her three times this week and probably will see her again tomorrow. She said she would come with me on the train if I took her along. I was tempted. I didn't know that there is a sleep-on-able couch in Nathan's apartment. Back onto the bus and off to a different train, the train that takes me home. It rained on me as I walked home. I was very glad that I lugged my raincoat around all day - it was brilliantly sunny until 4pm or so.


This was not tonight's sunset. Tonight's sunset matched my mood - grey and drizzly. I've rebooked my train trip for our anniversary, 3 weeks away. DH says we can take the train out to the Blue Mountains. I've whizzed through them in a car but never had a chance to look around. Oh crap. I'll have to make sure I'm not starting radiotherapy that day. A couple of extra days shouldn't be an issue, I just have to make sure they are aware of my unavailability those days! Plus I'll see if I can fly up next weekend for DH's birthday. I might need a compression bandage on my arm, but if I fly up, I can get this seroma drained on the Friday without an issue. If I still need to get it drained. (Why isn't DH coming home instead? Cos he might want to stay!)



  1. Oh, that's miserable news for you. Hope that thing settles down soon.

    Do everything to avoid the lymphodoema. It developed for my sister and her arm was also numb. Eventually passed and until recently she was playing A grade tennis in competitions.
    She was told not to wear her (hand)bag strap on that shoulder as that can contribute too.

    Hope you get net issues etc sorted too so you can use Skype or similar.


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