Rav's international shawl swap

G'day all!

A few months ago, I joined the international shawl swap on Ravelry.

A couple of days ago, I received my shawl.


Isn't it pretty? And beautifully knitted and blocked.

It is Evelyn Clark's Prairie Rose Lace Shawl, knitted by KateB in Jaggerspun Zephyr in Aegean Blue.

I am very pleased with it. (Though that is not my most flattering shot 8-)



I am working on my partner's shawl. It won't be anywhere near as ethereal since she lives in Scotland and would prefer a practical shawl.

Still puttering along here. I think the armpit is getting better but it is still pretty crabby and I get the most amazing zings from it every now and then. It feels like it is 10 times the size of the other armpit even though I can't feel it - I just get pain signals. But when I look at it, it looks normal enough, not particularly puffy or anything. It's just grumpy.

DH leaves on Sunday! Today we have to get him some new clothes and in particular, shoes. We can't have him starting a new job with his shoes in the state they are in. And yes, he effectively only has one pair. He wears in a pair of shoes and then gets rather attached to them. (Ahem!) Plus he needs pants that don't have oil/grease from the bike on them. And new shirts. The big G might be a casual workplace but there are limits. I think 8-) Before he goes, I must get pics of me with something even more special than the shawl.



  1. That shawl is a very pretty colour and looks lovely.

    Take care and get more rest than you think you need.

  2. The bit of you I can see looks happy!!! Good luck with the buying of clothes for the man.

  3. love what you've done to your blog... very bright and colorful. I've been away from internet, so this is the first time.

    Have fun shopping with/for Nathan. Take knitting with you!


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