We have a winner!

G'day all!

My blogiversary contest is now closed. We had 16 entries. (Hmm, guess my blog is not too popular, eh? I've seen contests with a thousand entries! Yikes!)

Anyway, my random number generator picked number 13.

Lusks, come on down! You are the lucky winner of your choice of the little pinwheel quilt, the shawl or the yarn/tops. Let me know what you'd like! (PM on ravelry or email is fine.)

It is DH's birthday today but he is a long way away. Not too far but far enough. I'll see him this weekend. I've been arguing with myself about how to get to the airport. Take the train and the bus? Drive? Taxi to the airport? It is ridiculous that we do not have a train to the airport but the govt sez we don't need one. Yah, right. $100 for a taxi from here to there. OUCH! If we had a train and it was normal fares, it would cost about $6 for a two hour all zones ticket, which would get me from here to there. But no, we can't have a train cos that would destroy the taxi industry and the parking at the airport industry - the airport charges like a wounded bull for short term parking and long term parking is only slightly better.

Oops, rant off!

I have some birthday socks to finish. I am yet to finish the first sock but I hope by the time I'm leaving on Monday evening, I'll have finished both it and the second sock. I have not finished the cushions that I started weeks ago - I can't use the rotary cutter yet cos I can't hold the ruler with my right arm and I can't stretch forward fully with it either. My left (dominant) hand might be pretty clever but it can't manage to hold a ruler down and do the cutting at the same time. I never thought it would be an issue! I can sew ok cos that does not use my full reach but to sew, I have to have something cut up! Maybe I should be looking at using my very small stash of precut material....or just sew strips of the charms from the swap I did with online buddies from the ORBQ group (details on my side bar) or sew together the siggy swap blogs that I got a month ago... Hmm. Looks like I've been pretty slack on taking pics of things I've received but really the weather has been atrocious and getting pics of little squares of material is difficult when they are blowing away!

I read back through my block and I've been whining about the weather for quite some days now. Don't expect it to stop until the weather gets better! The sun broke through quite a bit today but it is still mighty cold by our standards. 10C, feels like 7C, heading for feeling like we are in a fridge again. Poor little heater is on all the time, trying to keep one room warm.

Despite the weather, M and I went up to BAAG today. I love BAAG. It is my favourite "normal" nursery. (Kuranga is my favourite native nursery, closely followed by Bushwalk who probably have a greater range of plants and certainly have the best $2 plants in the Melbourne area). She had never been before! Now she knows the joys and delights of BAAG. If BAAG had a cafe, it would be perfect!

Also? Shoutout to Gibbering for doing lots of things for me recently, like mucking out the chook roosting area and doing yardwork with MC, and looking after the cats this weekend.

Boo hiss to the phone, which I didn't put on the charger, and has just said it can't do that, Lynne - it died. It needs to be charged before I can make calls. It won't make a call whilst sitting on the charger. Stupid design!

Now if only dinner would cook up, I could eat it and go off to crafties. I think I will let the remains cool on the stove - they will be much too hot to put in the fridge but if I leave them for a bit over an hour, they will be fine...



  1. Hey the weather has been freezing and wet. More tomorrow as well although maybe better over the weekend. We can only hope. In the meantime keep warm under your blanky :-)

  2. If you haven't done the skybus from Spencer street before, it is actually pretty good. Very frequent service at most hours, and the buses are set up for luggage as well as passengers. Also a lot cheaper than a Taxi :)


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