My seroma

G'day all!

I am bopping around to the happy tune of "My Sharona" done with new words.

Yes, indeedy, I have a seroma (an accumulation of lymph/extracellular fluid that accumulates in empty spaces where tissue used to be) in my armpit. Most armpits curve inwards, mine bulges outwards. It is rather uncomfortable. It feels very like when your clothes bunch in your armpit, only you can't just pull the offending sleeve out or take that item off. It does rather hurt sometimes. Last night I had to sleep on my left side until it drained itself a little. And of course it puffed up on the weekend, as nearly every single one of my complications has. GRRR!

So tomorrow I annoy the bc nurses again and then probably toddle off to the docs to get it drained. I can't do my exercises properly and if I can't do them, I can't have radiotherapy and I may get lymphoedema (effectively water retention in the operated arm).

I'm alternating bopping around to My Seroma (ooh my little puffy one, my puffy one, when ya gonna deee-flate, my seroma!) with pouting and whining. Today Nathan and I went into the city and he got on the bus to the airport and flew away to a new life.

I get stuck with this life down here, a house full of crap and a kitchen that is mostly gutted and split between the loungeroom and the kitchen. We, ahem, DH didn't get time to move the kitchen stuff back into the kitchen, or indeed move all the tools and stuff out of the kitchen so the kitchen stuff can go back in whilst we, ahem, I organise new windows and getting the new bog plumbed in and the old one removed, along with its room, and then get the new plastering done after some wiring to ensure we have enough power points (they can be done afterwards easily enough but why not plan first before the walls are plastered?), etc, etc. Then we can get cupboards made and buy a new stove and get it plumbed in (we have town gas) and get the dishwasher and new sink plumbed in and oh yeah, order the new benchtops. We'll probably go with wooden benchtops because they will suit the rest of the kitchen and whilst I like the manufactured stone with added sparkles, I don't like its hardness and coldness. Wood will need maintenance but that is part of the price of having its beauty. And it is beautiful. Oh and once everything is done, I can get the splashback measure and quote and get it made up and installed. We are going with glass cos it is easy to clean and doesn't have much in the way of gaps. Plus it is very modern and should last some time and is recyclable technically speaking...

It isn't as if I don't have lots to do with Nathan not here, it's just we've been in each other's pockets for 3.5 years now and it is going to be very odd not seeing him very often. I can't travel currently, or to be more precise, I am not willing to sit on a bus for 14 hours or take a bus and a train for 12 hours. This leaves me with flying but before I can fly, I have to get this seroma resolved and get a lymphoedema compression garment made. Then I read that I probably can't take the plane whilst I'm having radiotherapy, again due to risk of lymphoedema.

Our place is such a mess.... Heh. Partly my fault cos I do so love my stash. The rest is stuff for renovations or bits pulled out or tools or general crap that builds up when one is not well enough to organise stuff and put things away properly and the other is too busy running around trying to get all the heavy work done before he leaves.


After DH left on the airport bus, I wandered into the centre of town and looked at cameras. I had to send him up to Sydney with my camera and my mobile phone - he has strict instructions to take lots of pics! Also since I know the mobile's number I can call him easily enough. Cameras here are awfully expensive compared to the US. Take the price of pretty much any camera and add somewhere between $100 for low end stuff to double the price for high end cameras. I ended up buying a chunky, heavy Canon (SX120IS) for more than I wanted to pay but it has features that I like on our older camera like manual mode so you can override all the settings and make it take the pics you want it to. It also has a big zoom for a point and shoot - 10X. I happily wandered around taking pics of things.

(Zoom in action - those two pics of the old GPO clock tower were taken from almost the same spot.)

I also went to the arts centre Sunday market, which has moved as they are redoing the performance art hall that it normally resides around. I caught up with Ixchelbunny there - the people you meet at a market. She used to sell stuff there but after her cancer issues, decided to just sell online and at special markets. I also bought a B&W print of a snow daisy from a local photographer. It made me ache to go to the high country, but of course it is winter there currently, not summer and it is summer that I love most with its wildflowers and balmy breezes. I haven't been there for nearly five years I think now and it is one of my favourite places in the world.

(Behind the arts centre I found these bronze sheep gallivanting - tres amusement!)

So now I have to adjust to a quasi single life, with cooking meals for me and me alone, at least until we have a kitchen and a living space and I can invite friends around, dealing with everything on my own, running up large phone bills and even larger travel bills.... I know I can do it, I just would prefer not to have to do it. I like hanging out with my husband - that is why I married him. If I didn't like him, I would not be with him. But now I can't be with him anyway. sigh.



  1. That is such an excellent blog title. I am singing it too.
    Hope you are drained lickety split.
    Good luck with the temporary single life. Wow, that's a great new camera!!!

  2. Your new camera works great! You'll have to post even more pics now =)

  3. Hi Lynne,so glad things are looking up for you,money,job and health and not in that order,just the way my silly fingers type!
    Boy Id love some time alone,I love my other half and boys but sometimes a bit of peace for me time would be great.Imagine I could watch what I want on telly,get some school work done when I need to and list goes on!!! Anyhow Im sure things will be great for you!
    A job with Blogger,WOW

  4. Lordy woman that backdrop is BRIGHT!!! Hope that your seroma calms down but I suspect as you become more active it will probably get worse before it improves. All about the fluid movement in your body. All I can suggest is to take it slowly so as to not aggravate it too much.


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