Totally lurid

G'day all!

Every day I am getting a bit better. Hooray! Today I went for a walk to the post box and back and didn't really need to sit down afterwards. OK, it is only a 600m or so walk but yay me! Now if only I didn't have leaky lulu dripping from my armpit, things would be grand. LOL I just have to wait a couple of days.

Whilst I was in hospital, I knitted a sock. I started it the day before I went in - I thought I might be a bit loopy and starting would not be a good idea. Well I did manage to knit some sock after my surgery, like at 1am the next morning when my vertical and horizontal hold started working again (I have no idea what they had given me but every time I opened my eyes, the whole world flicked upwards and/or sideways. Not fun!).

I finished the sock, even wove the ends in, before my sister appeared to pick me up.

Would you believe that this yarn

made this sock?

I would!

pattern: my own, even though it looks like Leyburn, on 2.5mm knitpicks
yarn: 80:20 wool nylon by EGMTK

Mebbe I'd better stick this on Ravelry. It won't have a matching mate cos I am going to do the other one with butterfly bows, just like I did for this one.

We have some big news too which I guess can now be made public. DH has a job. He has a job with the mob who own Blogger. On Sunday he is moving to Sydney to start his new job on Monday. Moving to Sydney is like moving from SF to LA or maybe even San Diego (in American terms, sorry I have no other comparators). I'll be staying here whilst I finish treatment and then we'll see if I am moving up there or what, depending on how the job goes and how they feel about Nathan working from home home on occasion. It is nice to know that soon one of us will have an income even if it means we'll be nearly 900km apart. It will be tough and will be yet another test of our marriage, which has taken quite some battering over this year. I'll be going up to Sydney on occasion and Nathan expects to come back home every second weekend or so. It has been made trickier by the lack of a train between here and the halfway point to Sydney due to absolutely abysmal track "fixing" - the train track was relaid on concrete sleepers and reballasted during a drought and when it rained, half the ballast effectively disappeared, leaving the train tracks unsupported.... Now they have to go and do the job properly. I was going to take the train because flying is not a good idea soon after having lymph nodes taken out (plus I can get the train into the city and take the interstate train direct from there, whilst to get to the airport it is train and overcrowded bus, or a taxi) but with having to take a bus instead of a train and having the overnight journey interrupted halfway through.... sigh. We are as bad at running railways as the USA. Why we can't put a little more effort in to get high speed rail between Melbourne and Sydney (one of the busiest air routes in the world)....



  1. Well, YAHOO! And congrats on Nathan's new job! Maybe this means we can have a meet-up at our place one of these days...we're only 90 minutes away from Sydney, and there's a train to Moss Vale...we could pick you up!

  2. Congrats on Nathan's new job! Glad to see things are going better for you. Sorry to hear he will be moving away from you for work, but you guys will find a way to make it work.

  3. Official congratulations - saw your FIL the other day so I did actually know but thought I had better stay quiet until it was official! Good luck with EVERYTHING. We have spent large periods of time with Graham working in Sydney but at least he came home at weekends, every weekend, for which work paid. Even that sucked.

  4. Fabulous news, Karma had to start turning your way sooner rather than later!!! It will be hard but you have weathered harder things.
    No, I would not believe it, but I trust you are telling the truth!!!!

  5. That is the prettiest sock! I definitely think it needs a mate! I am so happy things are looking up for you and your DH with his new job. The distance will be tough, but you'll make it work!!

  6. Totally lurid and totally fantastic!

  7. Lovely lurid sock! I'm glad to hear that Nathan has a new job and hope that all goes well.


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