Sydney impresses

G'day all!

Just a quick one to say I'm home from Sydney. It was lovely to spend time with my husband. We are much happier together than apart, I think.

(Blurry us in front of the Endeavour replica. Oh my - what a sad end for the original! Read the link...)

I'll be blogging the trip on Victorian, on the move (linkie later when I've blogged). For the nonce, I'll just say that Sydney really turned it on for me - it didn't rain at all on me! (Sydney likes to remind me that its annual rainfall is somewhat more than Melbourne's, despite how it may feel.) Lots of sunshine, though not that warm still but inside I did wander around without a cap on - BLISS!



  1. You both look very happy to be together. Glad you got to spend time in Sydney. Did you get to see the flying foxes at the botanical garden? Those things are huge!!!

  2. Hi Anne,
    Actually, there are flying foxes in Melbourne, they are often flying around our house and eating the lemons :) And they are huge (I think they are the largest flying mammal).

    We didn't get to the bot gardens though.

  3. Tee hee, nice modelling of a happy couple in Sydney!! Glad you are having a wonderful time: and you look exceedingly happy too!!

  4. Hooray for happy trips...of the travelling kind!!!!

    Also word verification: dimpla
    Because you have a big dimple on your cheek from smiling of course!


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