Home sweet home

G'day all!

I am home! They sent me home today cos I am doing well. My cancer has been cut out of me. Things are a bit odd, as one might expect a couple of days after surgery but I am quite well. The wounds sting a bit if I move around much and one feels like it is dripping once in a while (and I have a drain) but it isn't really, cos it a) can't drip and b) I have no feeling in that area so it is just some weird nerve thing. They kept plying me with paracetamol and voltaren at the hospital cos they want to make sure I have no pain but I prefer a little pain and no head weirdness from being plied with all sorts of stuff. Anyway, the pain is no worse than a minor cut with a band aid on it.

It is nice to be home. Nutmeg has harrassed me and sat on my lap for 5 minutes! Very unusual for her.

Hospital stay was ok. I have a new pair of thigh high white stockings - they are compressive to reduce the chance of getting DVT (blood clots). Didn't get much sleep though, mostly not to do with me! I was in a shared ward with an extravert in pain and then a chap who liked watching his footy through his eyelids (watching wasn't the issue, it was the sound!). But we survived and we're home and the operation went well. I'm not sharing pics though!

I started a sock on Wednesday and finished it this morning. It is the first sock I've knitted in months. Guess the sock mojo is back! It is mighty lurid :-) I was knitting the night after surgery (heck I couldn't sleep due to Ms Moaner in the next bed so I figured I'd try knitting instead and I could!). I'm also working on a very overdue shawl.

Time to go find something to eat. Food was a little light on - last night's tea was a piece of steamed fish. That was it! No veg or anything.



  1. Lynne, I'm so very happy to hear you are home and doing well! Kitties seem to know when you need extra love. Mine were very attentive when I broke my arm. Keep on knitting. It will expedite the healing process!!

  2. That's good to hear you're home. Take it easy. Lots of rest enables healing and while you may feel fine, you still need the rest. I'll second about cats knowing about sickness etc and giving cuddles because of it.

  3. Wonderful news! I'm sure you'll feel much better at home and you'll be able to get that rest you need now. Just don't overdo things!!! That's the problem with being home. One sees things which need doing. Just rest and knit, OK? All best wishes! Vreni

  4. The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions and I am on it: I thought of you this morning walking The Labradors and meant to send you an email. Instead, I had a long nap this afternoon!!
    Very glad to hear it all went so well and that you are slightly drippy(!) and knitting!!
    I think you should definitely be waited upon!!

  5. Glad to hear that your home again and got through the op ok. Nutmeg is a lovely cat!

  6. Welcome home lump free lady. Glad to hear it went well, have been thinking of you and am glad they have released you to the kinder mercies and potential sleep of your own home. It's never fun being in hospital and it seems you've had both the room mates and the food to be glad to have behind you as well. hope the rest of your recovery progresses as it is meant to.

  7. So glad all going well,its awonder you didnt have to bring your own food into the hospital,its happened to others I know!

  8. So good to hear that you're home and doing well. Take it quietly - healing is a high-energy process.

  9. Great news, Lynne! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  10. So glad to hear you are home and feeling chipper, Lynne. Get lots of rest, lots of knitting and kitty cuddles!


  11. So glad to hear things went well and you are back home! Wishing you a speedy recovery with plenty of knitting!

  12. YAY!!! Very happy to hear the news. Hope all heals quickly.

  13. Congratulations on getting through the surgery, and being back home! It's good to hear you are doing well.


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