Where's the cheese?

G'day all!

Thanks for commiserations. Yep, it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to (you would whine too if it happened to you!).

(1. Longer blonde. Not really that close to my usual lack of hair style but the closest of all the wigs)

Mr Laptop is up and running again. I have my Best Friend back. I kid you not, I've spent more time with this computer over the last couple of years than I have with any person, including DH. Without it, I feel sorta naked, just like someone who wears their watch all the time and then takes it off to do some messy job or something. I don't know what I'll do when it dies. Cry and give it a decent burial at a recycle shop. This little box is my Way Outta Here. Without it, things get very dull very quickly, even though I have plenty to do. I have lots of hobby stuff, there's always something that needs cleaning or scrubbing around the place, there's cats to entertain me.

And y'know what?

(2. Auburn)

Some days I just don't have the energy to get a whole lot done. Like today I went to the farmers' market and trawled around there buying some meat, lots of vegies, some coffee for DH, a tub of strawberries (which I now have to process). After that I was hammered! I felt like I'd just been on a long bike ride and all I wanted to do was sit down. All I still want to do is sit down. My shoulders and neck hurt from dragging the shopping cart around for a whole hmm, maybe half hour. But I need to make some chicken stock and put away all the shopping that I bought 4 hours ago. (I did put away the stuff that really needs to be kept cold, like the meat and milk - the rest is staying at room temperature, which currently is sitting at maybe 15C but more like 12C - 50sF.) And deal with the massive mountain of strawberries I bought. Yep, I bought another big tub of strawberry seconds. I figure the chooks will enjoy the hulls.

(3. Longer dark)

So I sit down and trawl around the net, looking for nice, easily digested fluff. icanhazcheezburger, fail blog, FML, all these sorts of little fluffy sites hit the spot for me. I normally love technical, thinking blogs along with the fluff but currently it is fluff all the way. My brain fries on the hard stuff. Looks like chemo brain and fatigue are kicking in! Thank heavens in four weeks I will be on the road to recovery from my last chemo (touch wood!).

(4. Highlighted brunette. That's different to the previous one, honest - it has highlights in it that looked truly rancid on the girl next to me whilst the plain brunette looked stunning on her. And I didn't take a pic of the short taupe wig that I tried on - I looked like putty in it but the darker skinned Muslim lady next to me looked totally stunning in it.)

Any suggestions for more fluff? DH showed me walmartpeople yesterday. The mind simply boggled at some of the pics.

(5. Strawberry blonde)

Speaking of where's the cheese, do you like the pics I've scattered through here of me in different wigs? I look surprisingly good as a redhead, or at least with auburn hair. The blondes are too light I think. Apparently I am not that blonde. (Though currently, I fit the stereotype in all bar the amount of hair I have. LOL) Lots of cheesy grins from me - I know that without a big grin I am umm, well, not exactly pretty in photos. I might have cheekbones, etc, but I'm not photogenic. I think I look better in person whilst some people totally glow in pics and are eh in person.

(6. The Tina!)

Which colour hair and style do you think I look best in?

If I had enough money for postage, I'd run a contest and pick a winner. But currently we have enough to buy food for the next three weeks. I hope Centrelink comes through for us. DH does have a little contract at present but it is only very part time and until he completes the work, he won't get paid (and even then he has to wait for the pay cycle to finish). I've got some yarn from older dyeing efforts that I'll dig out and offer for sale again. I've got a couple of tubs of the stuff and some lovely top for spinning as well. It won't be much but it will cover some bits and bobs if anyone wants it! I'd rejoin the guild and sell some of my handspun through them but umm that means coughing up about $60 and I'd prefer to spend that money on feeding me or buying medications.

In knitting news, I am seaming up a pair of baby pants then I have to knit the top of a baby singlet (tank) and seam it, and I'm having a bit of startitis with some shawls, arguing with myself about what pattern and what size needles to use (4mm needles and true laceweight, getting to cobweb weight makes a too open shawl for my liking, 4.5mm needles and semi-woollen handspun is too dense). Plus I have nearly finished Yet Another Chemo Cap for me me me! But I don't have pics cos until about half an hour ago, the weather here has been pretty average over the last few days. We got almost 20mm of rain yesterday, mostly when Nathan and FiL and a friend were working on the chicken coop. (Chickens are arriving TODAY! Alas they are arriving at the same time as we will be at PiL's being fed dinner, or at least being provided with dinner - I think I still have the energy to lift a fork to my mouth!)

(7. Short blonde)

Quilting? I'm working on my hexagon quilt. I sewed up some more half hexes and whirlies. I'm now just waiting waiting waiting for Jaybird to blog the putting it together post so I can put my quilt top together, work out a backing for it and then relegate it to the Too Hard pile (where I have two or three other quilt tops lurking with their backings, just waiting waiting waiting for their turn to be basted and quilted). Also I'm working on blocks for a siggy swap - I am at the point of neatening up some squares and signing the things. I've signed two so far, only another 99 blocks to go! Yay!

Looks like the weather will be a little better over the next couple of days so I might have some pics of FOs to show you. Won't that be nice?



  1. I agree that Auburn looks great, but actually I really like number 7 the best. Then number 1 and 2, in no particular order. The pink is also wonderful!!

  2. Hey Lynne,

    I love the Strawberry blonde on you but I like the first blonde too. I think you're really suit the lighter colours.

    Don't worry about starving marvin! I just brought a slow cooker and made an obscene sized lamb shank stew thing, so you know say the word and there can be home delivery :)


  3. 1, 2, the pink one and lots of others!!! The Look Good Feel Better is fun, and you look happy and more smiling-y than for a while!!!

  4. I like the first one too :)

    And three words - google "Awkward Family Photos"!

  5. My vote is for number 1; then maybe number 7. It's amazing the changes a different colour and length make!

  6. I think you look cute in all of them but I like #7 the best!

  7. Auburn is pretty, but if you _have_ to wear a wig, go with something fun and wild...like #6 (-:

  8. I like the "longer blonde." What I especially like is your smile and sparkly eyes in every one of these photos -- looks like you were having fun with it!

  9. I really liked number 2, I think for the shorter style as well as the color. Good to see you smiling :)

  10. The first one Lynne,but I am into the wild arty look at moment!I love your bright smile!!!


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