gG'day all!

Things are going to be rather dull around here for a while.

We have been enjoying watching programs on Y'see we don't have digital telly and don't get to see much of the tv as a result. We usually watch DVDs.

Anyway, iView has been fantastic.

So fantastic that we used up our whole month's broadband limit in 14 days.


We are now looking to change providers. Optus are not allowing iView as a "free" download. Other providers are. We'll change our home phone and possibly the mobile at the same time. It might mean our phone numbers change but well we'll just have to cope with that!

Optus were good at first - heck, they only had Telstra as their competition so it wasn't hard. but they've become progressively scabbier over the years.

Any locals with suggestions of who is good (nb they must allow iView as an unmetered download)? Also they must have good customer service. No automated customer service that brings grown men to tears in a minute or less (I believe I am talking about vodaphone here, may be wrong...).

I blocked my Annis today. It won't be mine for long presuming the recipient doesn't mind the smell of silk. I ripped out the chemo queen crown for what, the fifth time? I just can't quite get it working like I'd like. Plus I bought another ball of yarn for it cos it seems to be quite greedy.

Since we have an issue with our broadband and now are limited to dialup speeds, no pics for the nonce! I'll have to remember to set things up to upload overnight when we aren't using the link. Blah!



  1. Our Broadband is little more than dial up so although iView is a free download fro iPrimus, I cannot avail myself of it. The ABC susses me out and says 'Hello Dial Up'!!!


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