A little play

G'day all!

I've been having a little play with things. I hope you noticed the new header! (Plus my travel blog has a new header too but given I haven't updated that in ages...)

Things are


here. I am still recovering from the events earlier in the week - I just don't have the bounce I used to. Everything takes more effort than it did. My fingertips (and toe tips) are becoming quite numb and I have a tingle in my lower lip. Plus my snoz has dried out and cracked. Je suis tres fatigue. Doing stuff online is fairly pointless cos it takes a while to do anything - I uploaded some pics to flickr last night instead of doing them whenever as I normally would. It's funny how I've gotten so used to having entertainment on demand and now?

I have to think about do I really want to open that webpage, do I really want to watch that youtube, can things wait for another 11 days until we have normal speed again? We will most likely change providers to someone who lets iView be a freebie but that will probably take a couple of weeks anyway... Mindful internet use! Most bizarre.

Anyway, if I don't swing by your blog, you know why. Sorry!

I've been working on my hexagon quilt, amongst other things.


Do you like my hexes?


I decided to go with pinwheel ones and normal hexes.


I didn't really like many of the other designs.

I'm now putting them together into strips. I think it will be really cool but we'll wait and see! It might be a bit of a devil to make it come out well as the triangles that form the hexes are exactly that - they are cut on the bias. This means they bend a bit here and there if I've not pressed them properly. We will see! I have fudged pretty much every quilt I've made so far, one way or the other. Why should this one be any different?

Guess I'll get back to it. Feeling a bit lonely and bored. There was so much support early on, when it was nice to know people were thinking about me but now it is six months down the track and I'm nearly done with chemo and now is when I have to put in the hard yards. This last lot of chemo has really dragged me down a lot. I'll probably bounce to some degree over the next week but yeah, it is now hard yakka time, just keep on grinding along. I keep reminding myself I won't always feel like I've been run over by a truck, doing simple things like cooking food or having a shower won't always require a sit down afterwards, the PICC line will be out in less than two weeks, assuming my next chemo runs on time... It will get better, I just have to be patient!



  1. I love your hexes, I think you are the Queen of Hexes!!!
    It is hard to be sick for a long time, but how nice to know that soon your horrid treatment is over!!
    I was just talking today about the olden days when I had dial up and if I was on the phone to MrsDrWho we had to hang up, use the internet, and then ring each other back!!!

  2. The worst is almost over! I know how easy it is to say that, rather than live it, though. Hang in there :)

  3. New header looks fab :)

    I loved your post with all the wigs - you looked rather groovy chick.

    Keep your pecker up - you're almost there. Sorry I've not commented much - just a bit sad at the mo.

  4. I would offer to come over and take your mind off things, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want my cold.

    You might spend a fair bit of time on your own, but you're not alone :)

  5. Still here, still cheering. Wish we were closer!

  6. Fab hexagons - I really like the colour combos. Hang in there Lynne, it's been a long haul for you and I guess that you are getting tireder and tireder as the treatment goes on. Hope that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    On the internet thing - I can't imagine having bandwidth limited connection - how do you decide: Ravelry or Facebook? Videos or blog? Ugh

  7. Ah yes, the throttled internet connection. I had that for a week or so last month. It sucked! And I didn't even need distraction from anything nasty!

    I love your hexes, they look great. I couldn't make anything that good in full health, I'm in awe at what you are managing when on Chemo!

    Hang in there, and I hope things improve for you soon (in all respects).

  8. Glad to hear the Chemo is coming to an end. Hope the "cold" you're coming down with doesn't put a spanner in the works.
    Also loving the header.


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