New girls

G'day all!

It's been a busy week! The week before chemo always is busy.

Family dinner on Sunday night.

We got chooks!

No, no, those chooks will never lay cackleberries!

How about these ladies?




(There's four and they were free. Two wouldn't pose for pics at all. AFAIK these are pretty useless chooks for the sort of thing we want them for - two look very much like Old English Game and two, the ones in the singleton and twosome pics, are crosses. ie they are not egglaying chooks. Given we can't afford to feed things that just scratch the dirt up, eat our plants and slugs and snails, and provide chook poo... You might say the cats are even more useless but at least the cats like to talk to us and sit on our laps and snuggle a bit - we might be their slaves but there is a relationship between us. Of course the chooks may end up feeding us...)

Cheshire sez, wistfully:
Very large birds! How do I get into their pen?

Tuesday, hmm, Tuesday I think I did a lot of sewing and stuff even though the room is cold. It has been awfully cold here - a strong cold front hit and brrr! 12C top temps. I also finished off Yet Another Chemo cap

Stripy cap

and the baby pants

and worked more on the baby singlet - I never realised how long it takes to do single crochet edging (double crochet if you are american) of such a small item...

and started Annis (which is the KAL for this month on Scary Lace/Beginning lace knitters on Ravelry). I was totally amazed that I had the same brand of yarn used in the pattern - I never have "the right" yarn. I usually knit with whatever I can find that is similar that is in my stash. Or I spin the yarn.

And I started a new shawl that is part my own design and part slurps of that of other people. You will see it in a while - so far there is even less than Annis of it.

One of my friends took me out of a drive yesterday (Wednesday). It was fab! I thought it was going to be awful cos it rained and rained and rained and rained before we left and then it cleared up and was sunny. I didn't take the camera cos I thought it would be woeful (and I forgot - chemo brain? or just me?) and it was *lovely* Truly lovely. I don't remember the area behind the Dandenongs looking so green or the dams in the paddocks so full or anything. It was lush and green and wonderful. Hope we get good wildflowers this year :-)

Before the drive I had to go to Centrelink to lodge my dole form. I had to queue, standing up, for nearly half an hour. They used just to take the form, check the info on it quickly, stamp it and off you went. Now you have to talk to someone. Very inefficient. (But from next month I can do all my reporting online.) I sat down for a good 10 minutes of the queuing. It seems I can't stand up that long any more. Doesn't surprise me cos the fatigue is starting to hit. This current chemo is knocking out my fingertips and toe tips and my thighs - all very typical. It means that walking is like slogging through mud, running is pretty much out of the question (I keep rediscovering this when I have to nip across the road - my nip is more like a waddle) and squatting and stair climbing requires effort! Knitting hurts my fingertips a bit but I am not giving it up cos of a little bit of neuropathy! Anyway, because the lodging took so long, Nathan was late to his weeny contracting job. Verra annoying.

Today I finished off the siggy blocks for a swap:

(took nearly four hours! Just to sign 50 blocks, resew a few, sign them, make sure they were square, iron them to set the signature....)

Got my bloods done (poor veins. At least the lady today skewered me well so we got enough lovely dark rich venous blood - better be good stuff still! Don't want my chemo to be delayed for any reason...). I said to the phlebotamist that I was dying for me chemo to end, then suggested maybe not *dying*, can't wait for chemo to end. I only have to go back to her once more I hope!

Attacked the hole in the wall and discovered I got paid $210 by Centrelink - HOORAY! I have to wait another two weeks before I get the next pay, which probably will be reduced cos Nathan will get paid I hope for the contract he is working on at present.

Went to the post office and sent off the siggy blocks (hooray! Another responsibility off my shoulders).

Went to the supermarket and bought some foody bits. Hopefully I am all set for chemo and the hammering I'll take over the weekend and early next week.

Went to Kmart (cos I am cheap) and bought cheap large slippers that can go outside and don't hit me on my poor sensitive tootsies (men's cos women's are too small) and a pair of lace up women's boots that are too large and also don't tap me on the toes. $8 and $25. Cheap shoes, but ones that can be worn outside. My current slippers are indoors only and it is peeving when you just want to pop out to the letterbox or the chooks and have to put your runners on. Plus I got a cheap stainless steel pot so I can do some dyeing.

Now I am hyper on dexamethasone. Whee! Hope tomorrow brings my second last chemo (EVAH?).



  1. Hello chickens!! We called them cackleberries when I was little too!!
    Second Annis I have seen today being started. It must be popular!!
    I can't stand for long either. I just sit on the floor wherever I am and it is amazing what happens: chairs, or extra help or someone takes your papers and you can sit down. Queues are far too long.
    Hurray for being paid!!
    Those squares are a labour if love!!
    Hope it is the last Chemo ever too!!


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