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G'day all!

Today was one of those grand winter days, the sort of day that makes you glad to be alive. The sun shone all day long, the sky was blue, the breeze was light....

Perfect weather for a photo shoot for Annis (rav link with details), now known as Rufus, before he departs for his new home. You get lots of shots cos I was quite pleased with how they came out (thanks, DH, for the photshoot!).






See my hair? Yes there is really hair there - you will probably need to click through to a bigger pic to see it. That is regrowth. Honest. I hope once it gets a little longer and/or I get off the taxotere, it will thicken up some cos umm well, baldie babes rule!

Between the weather and lovely messages in my inbox, today was quite a good day :-)

It is winter solstice today, though there's less than a second difference between the 21st and 22nd, so tomorrow is sorta solstice too! I always try to get a pic of sunset and sunrise at solstice, though it isn't always possible - bad weather and/or being asleep tend to inhibit picture taking. Sunset today was not terribly exciting, though at least a couple of clouds showed up to give it a little oomph.




  1. Very lovely Annis and nice modelling!!!
    We had a hazy pink sunset today. I am excited because now the days will be longer!! There are all sorts of Mid Winter events happening down here. I am planning on sleeping through the long night today and tomorrow!!

  2. Well the shawl is, of course, lovely - but what a nice shaped head you have! You often talk about your boofhead - but I suppose this explains why you don't look like a pinhead without hair.

  3. You look great with your bald head. The only problem is that bald is cold and it's winter over there.
    Bald Pride. Hold your head up high.

  4. Lovely! I'm going to have to knit me one of those!

    Yay for hair! My sister's grew in more unevenly after her second round of chemo than the first, but it wasn't long before the thin spots filled in and it's really cute now!

  5. The shawl is gorgeous! You look really good in those shots, the bald head actually looks like a fashion statement. You might want to consider keeping your hair short once it grows back. Maybe not quite that short, for the sake of warmth and protecting your scalp tho :)

  6. Anonymous4:52 am

    wow, You look great with so little hair!


  7. Lynne, I've just skimmed through your more recent posts and it looks like I missed all the chemo you've been through. I chose this post to reply to because I think you're really rocking the chemo hair. Seriously, these are awesome pictures! (I love the crown, too.)

    Sorry you are feeling the effects of the chemo but you are young and you'll get through it.

    Isn't it funny how much can change in just a few years or even months?

    I'll try to do a better job of keeping up. Hopefully things will settle down for you soon. Hang in there.


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