G'day all!

Another weekend is done. Stick a fork in it!

Umm, what did we do? Umm... well yesterday we annoyed the PiLs a bit, Nathan did some organ practice, FiL helped DH with some household stuff, had home made burgers with the PiLs, then today went to the "local" farmers' market, Nathan played organ (and presumably piano but not at the same time!) at the church, DH helped PiLs clear a spot for a concrete slab to be poured for the new water tank, lunched and dined at the PiL's, I knitted five handwarmers of assorted colours, but best of all?

We went on a steam train!

(But since I had forgotten today was train day I didn't take the camera, boo hoo! No pics until FiL downloads his pics.)

It was fun! I got to stick my head out the window and get covered in cinders! My sunglasses protected my eyes from cinders and from the wind. Lots of choofing. Lots of steam. An engine at either end of the carriages. It went mighty slow up some of the hills though - it seems that electric trains have a lot more oomph cos I don't remember any of them going about walking pace up the hills. It was just going to be MiL and me, but then Nathan came along. FiL took pictures. He couldn't resist the allure of the steam train. Lots of small children, of either sex, were very excited by travelling on the train (except for 2yo Luke cos even though he loves Thomas the Tank Engine, apparently a Thomas-type train is not the right sort and he wailed for the first 10 minutes of being on the wrong sort of train). Lots of big children of all ages loved being on the train as well, and there were almost as many women taking pics as men. LOL

It was the first time I've been on a steam train in umm, well let's just say I last went on a steam train when I was in primary (elementary) school. Now I have The Bug. There's a trip to Maldon coming up later in the year and if we have cash to splash by then, I want to go. LOL

Still no pics of things I've finished, like my Chemo Queen Bedjacket - someone forgot about it. Ahem. *blush* No pics of the many handwarmers either. Or the baby singlet that is finished. I do have a pic of the kitchen wall being de-plastered but it isn't that exciting and belongs on the sadly neglected house blog. DH wanted to see how the wall was made to make sure that when we do the kitchen renovation (ahem, when he and willing and able helpers do the kitchen renovation), we can actually pull that wall out with suitable steel reinforcement in the roof. The answer is we can - it has no cross bracing on it.

So now I have a naked wall showing off its noggins in the kitchen. How rude!

We are in the final countdown to getting the last chemo. Oh I hope my blood counts are good enough to have it cos I want to get better! I know it will really take me months to get better, to reverse the nerve damage done to my fingers and toes (and I am wondering if my croaky throat is related to it too?), to regrow my eyebrows and eyelashes (I so miss my eyebrows - they are so handy when I'm having a shower!), to regain the energy I had in January before the chemo started, but I just want to stop having poisons put into my body. I know that the poisoning is in the hope that I can survive this thing - it isn't a given that I'll be cured but so far things have gone pretty well. I can live in hope.

Before Friday though I have to finish my chemo queen crown (have all parts necessary, just need to get it done!) and probably another five or so pairs of handwarmers. If I can knit five in two days (when I'm not knitting alllll day, just a fair whack of it), surely I can get another few pairs done? Admittedly the crown will use up an entire day to finish it, get the jewels sewn on and make the lining (to hold the stuffing in). Plus I have to medical appointments and an afternoon booked with my sister to go to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens. We'll see how I go!



  1. Oh I got totally distracted by the Botanical Gardens talk I love our Botanical Gardens but I never visit them, as I can't travel to the other end of the island.
    Yay, fingers crossed that all your numbers are great and your last chemo goes according to plan!!
    Glad you had a steaming good time!!


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