The other C

G'day all!

I had a lovely day on Sunday, saw much beautiful greenness (which freaked all of us out - we aren't used to our countryside being emerald green!) and did not get one pic of anything, cos someone was running late and forgot to take her camera....

My goodness, this chemo ride is an interesting thing. I am feeling quite well currently *except* for the other C. The C that hides its name. The C that we do not talk about in polite company, or even impolite company, depending on the circumstances....

So one of my anti-nausea meds is well known for clagging one up. Despite prunes, lots of vegies, senna, lots of water, I am clagged up to billy-o. My body knows what it wants to do about it - the waves of cramping tell me that! - but nothing is budging. It hurts and I'm exhausted. My appetite has disappeared. When I eat things, my gut rebels and says that was silly now deal with some more cramps. My poor gut has kept me awake for a good half the night for the last two nights that is how bad it is. I am running on about 6 or 7 hours sleep over two nights so I am not functioning that well. I tried lactulose, which last time got a result in less than half an hour (usual time is 4-8 hours). All that did was give me gassy windy worserer (not a word) cramps instead, like the IBS sorta stuff I used to get when I ate Bad Things (bad things for me at least - good things for others). I even ended up at the doctor's today, trying to find some relief. That relief, usually within 30 minutes of "taking" said medication, has fizzled out for me. Alas, it seems I have a hard (ahem) case.... I guess I try again tomorrow after yet another night of interrupted, crampy sleep.... and then I go to the hospital and beg them to dig it out!

Since I am 100% knackered, there's not been a lot of knitting. I've knitted and ripped my chemo queen crown what four times now? I now know what to do but have no energy left over after resisting the awful, awful cramps. I did manage to get a little cutting and sewing done earlier in the day. That was for my hexagon quilt - it is going to look quite nifty I reckon :-)

Thanks for all the suggestions about moisturisers. I ended up getting some Cetaphil today, not that anyone recommended it but it came closest in my reqs in my short time at the pharmacy. There's a more "natural" moisturiser I can try but it is double the price and has a lot of smelly extracts in it. Oz is well behind the US in its cosmetics labelling laws - here we don't have to disclose what ingredients are in the product except for any active ingredients and some of the preservatives.

Here's to tomorrow. May it be a better day!



  1. Hope you are unclagged and feeling better by now!! The cure is often worse then the problem in the first place. Here's to tomorrow too!!! A much better day!!


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