Sitting on news

G'day all!

I have news! But I am not going to say what it is until it is confirmed. It is good news though.

Any guesses?

We are still throttled on our internet connection so I still do not have pics for you. Also it has been FREEZING (not literally, at least not where we live though it feels like it has been!) and I don't have any pics of anything modelled or even sitting on the crappy old couch outside. Yesterday it blew a gale, even though it was sunny, and temps didn't even reach 10C, today has been windy and rainy (wind still coming from the northwest though, sorta unusual for a rainy day) and again it hasn't even reached 10C. 9C and it feels like 5C - almost as cold as a fridge. BRRRRR! Plus it is still raining on and off after raining for something like 8 hours earlier in the day. The couch that I often use as a background for various items of clothing, etc, is soaked as the rain is coming from the north. Plus yesterday's wind was so ferocious anything not nailed down blew away and today it was just plain wet and miserable. Our water tanks are full as googs, the greywater diversion is off (ie going into the sewer now), we don't need any more water for the nonce!

There's so much that I want to do apart from sit at the computer feeling cold in our room with the little heater on, the big light (halogen lights are excellent heaters plus they give off a bit of light too!), my thermals on under my clothes.... I can get some knitting done but I have sewing to do too and the craft room is not heated. I want to go for a walk, more like a slog now - the chemo is really starting to affect my legs, energy levels are not so great but if I keep moving I feel much better. It is just hard to keep moving when it is really cold outside, even outside the study! Our hallway isn't long enough for a decent walk either - I'd have to march up and down a hundred times to get a 300m walk done and I think all the turning on the spot would hurt my knees!

In other words things are BRRRR! I've never lived in a weatherboard (clapboard) house that felt warm in winter. DH has been upgrading the insulation but we really need to fix the air leaks in the place and double glaze the windows and insulate the walls. All the windows need replacing anyway - they are starting to rot out. They were installed in 1959 after all.... Add it to the list!

I have knitted more handwarmers. Oh bottom - I just gave a pair away without getting a pic of them. I guess I'll forget I ever knitted them unless I get them on Ravelry without a pic (or change the colour of another pair of mitts to black using the GIMP). I am knitting more of the chemo queen crown. I really want to get the liner made for it so I can stuff it and work out how much more work I need to do on it. But that means sitting in the BRRR cold craft room.

My BiL (and sister) came around today and evaluated DH's plans for the kitchen area. He thinks it is doable. That is handy cos we are going to have to get a wriggle on with it. The news feeds into the need for getting a wriggle on.

(Edited to add...) Oh I am snippy now! I just opened a new (to me) brand of red lentils. I poured some into a cup to wash them (a first for me!). What do I see sitting on top?

A grain of wheat! It turns out that there were quite a few grains of wheat in the cup of lentils. I can't have wheat - it will make me sick. There was enough wheat to make me quite sick.

Did the packaging say anything about the possibility of wheat being in the product? AFAIK Oz food labelling laws say cross contaminants should be declared if they are a major allergen, and wheat is certainly a major allergen. (Maybe they should call it an allergen of interest?)

The company now has a very snippy email in their inbox, and I have to report them to the local council (even though they are located in another council's area - food safety in Victoria is the responsibility of the reporting person's local council. How dumb is that? Should be a central body).

Ok, time for me to get a wriggle on with clearing the dirty dishes from the kitchen and starting dinner (for the second time - so much for the lentil plan)! I might have to wear gloves to deal with the dishes - my poor benumbed fingies really do not like getting cold. It is hard to tell where they are numb from cold and where from chemo! I've never dealt with cold very well and at present I'm dealing even less well. (DH dealt with the plates, I did the non-dishwasher stuff, mmm, warm fingies!)

Just as well someone naughty bought some wool (yarn) yesterday, eh? Best get them needles flashing to make me something nice and new and woolly to wear before winter leaves us again. Suggestions? I think I'd prefer cardigans over pullovers (especially given I'll have some physical restrictions in how I can move my shoulder soon), something in a DK or worsted weight would be lovely. I have 1200m of one and 1500m of the other, I think.



  1. I am a hopeless guesser, I want to say things like Kevin Rudd and his family are moving in because they're out of the Lodge and accidentally rented out their house. It has been cold here too and not even sunny. I have been in bed today while The Labradors ran riot in the house!!!
    Bad lentil wheat people.
    Oh I love cardis too but I have few suggestions: Dollar and a Half, Forecast, Girl Friday?? In my Rav Queue I have 10ply as a tag for my cardigans!!
    Hope you feel more energetic tomorrow!!

  2. Hmm no ideas but I'm hoping it's good job news.

  3. The treatments are working?
    Your labs counts show lots of improvement?
    You won the lottery?

  4. I'm w/ Cathy...there is a lot of + energy heading in your directions. For the final report of the school year, one of the moppets chose the kookaburra. They want to know how "Tie-Dye Lady" is doing :)

  5. Im no guesser either except, you ve finished chemo? I do hope you re feeling better,Im into cardigan at moment though I really should be studying,a couple of days off work to sort house and family and a lot of art work including sewing machine!!Keep warm my dear!! Oh it was -4 degrees here early this week at night though and around 11 to 12 during day!!


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