Whoops, still here!

G'day all!

Apparently I've not posted for a while. Whoops! Unintentional blog break. I've been busy, and last week I got sick of whining. Busy means I've been pretty good this week :-) Sorry if anyone worried - my bad! But thanks for checking up on me :-)

So... What have I been up to?

Well, I went shopping at Chaddy - picked up my new sunnies and some tea from T2 and the newly sharpened knives (sharp knives! Bliss! And yes I am careful with them). That was my daily exercise, I must've walked a fair bit cos I was tired by the end of it!


We managed to get some books into bookshelves and got the craft room to the point where there is a big space in the middle of it. (Now I just need a sewing space.) We cleared out seven or eight boxes of books from the loungeroom. Those boxes went into one large Billy bookcase (everyone knows the plain jane bookcases from Ikea?) and a smaller bookcase. It is amazing how many books a bookcase can hold. Now we are ready for the bookcases we loaned to a friend - must give her a call and arrange to get them. This will please the PiLs cos it means whatever books we still have at their place can come back here.


We did some planting in the yard. The weather has been all over the shop - warm early in the week and then voom through came a cold front and since then it's been a bit brr, especially at night. It was quite pleasant yesterday afternoon when I sat in the sun and knitted away whilst DH applied render to a bit more of the garage. Various plants are coming into bloom, though I am not sure they should be flowering at this point in time. The roses are finishing up for autumn I think - the blooms are becoming smaller and fewer in number.


I've been knitting madly and doing a bit of spinning. And I eventually remembered to edit pics and get them onto Flickr so now I can blog with pictures! How advanced...

Do you like my new dunny lid cover?

It doubles as a hat!

Sad as it is to kill all those little polyesters, it is nice to pretend to have hair, if a little hot.

Those are my new sunnies (and I'm wearing a little scarf sent to me by a kind lady from NZ - whoops forgot to take pic of little pink ribbon scarf).

The ruffles of Doom and Despair took me AGES to finish. One of the ruffles would not play nicely so I had to go along and crochet it to the other ruffle. After about 30 hours of knitting and crocheting, the ruffles are done and I can block the thing and maybe even wear it.


My echoflower is coming along - I've done three more repeats now compared to the pic.


When I first saw Laminaria, I thought the stitch pattern looked daunting. Well now that I've done nupps, knitting 9 stitches into three is nothing so I decided to make Echo Flower, which shares a 9 into x stitch pattern. It is at the tedious stage now, the stage where I know how the pattern goes and I just keep slogging along the rows. I hope to enter the shawl in the Bendi wool show - I have kept a bit of the top I used to spin the yarn and can keep a sample of yarn (I hope! I don't think the shawl will eat all the yarn).

Finally, eat your heart out, Telly!



  1. First of all, I LOVE the pink hat! So much better than a wig - I'm sure we would all have hair naturally like that if we could. Second, I was catching up on your posts... and, ahem, not that I'm an expert, but "stool softeners" (docusate sodium) and Citrucel might be something to try on with the constipation. Not quite as dramatic as what you took! Hope you are hanging in there, I'm sending good thoughts your way!

  2. I love the pink hat, the photo with you wearing that and the sunglasses really works. I don't think you need to worry about it being too warm for much longer... Winter will take care of that!

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  4. Great sunnies!!! You look like a film star at a ski resort!!
    Yes after the Laminaria I am nor afraid of nupps either. I am off to look at a ceramic blade paring knife tomorrow. Sounds interesting. T2 is great, I have French Earl Grey.
    Your garden is looking so nice, mine has dahlias and roses. And holly!!

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