May the fourth be with you

G'day all!

It is an old line but a good one.

Thanks for further commiserations. I've got some good suggestions, we'll try some stuff out. And I have to email a couple of you but currently am trying to take it easy. I keep trying too hard to get things done when I should just sit back and ask DH to do stuff. He will actually do stuff, he just has to be asked first. And I am too darned independent to ask most of the time.

Yesterday, since life had given us 3kg of strawberries for $10, we made strawberry jam. I sat outside in the shade (omg, sunshine hurts! So glad sunnies should arrive later this week then I'll be able to see again without getting headaches!) and chopped the yucky bits off and put them in a pot, coated them in sugar, chucked in some lemon juice (not enough, needed pectin) and made jam. DH did the bottling and we put them in the steriliser but got it a bit wrong - the leftover jam is sold as a rock, the processed stuff is runny! Ah well. As long as it lasts more than a few weeks we are good. Mmm, strawberry jam!

I never did post the pics of one of the chemo hats I made for the local centre. I'm getting a bit over knitting chemo hats, I must say, though I do seem to need a goodly array of them. I am not a very matchy match sort of person but I do not like wearing a green cap with a blue tshirt, for example, so I keep making more and more and more! A green cap with a pink tshirt is fine however - that is flower garden stuff. 8-) Anyway, if I need a heap, I figure others probably do too! So I keep knitting them cos they are pretty easy and occupy me when I'm not up to knitting a shawl or when I'm out and intricate lace is a bit hard to deal with.


This is made from an organic cotton I got in Germany. It is a bit too flesh toned for me but someone might like it. It lasted in the basket at the chemo centre for a week, though the blue one I dropped off at the same time disappeared quick smart!


Nutmeg is sitting on DH's lap. She is hungry - they didn't like their chicken wing/drumstick breakfast. They don't like raw chicken much but it is good for their teeth so I am trying to persuade them to eat it. Anyway, Nathan is discussing job seeking with some friends online, looking for some options and ideas, and is trying to type away with the cat's wet nose very firmly pressing under his hand. Pat me! Don't type! You want to pat me! It isn't easy to type when the cat gets insistent, and she is very insistent. She's woken me up before by rubbing her head under my hand - the little wet nose is the thing that really wakes me up quickly. LOL

Time to go check out what DH is up to in the garage. He's done the job hunt for the day, now for something nice. I'll have to make sure my cap doesn't blow off - it is quite warm here (ok 22C - warm for this time of year) and very very windy. I've been enjoying not being cold all the time but the wind! One good side of having very little hair left (but it is trying to grow! I have fuzzy spikey bits) is that it doesn't tangle in the wind. The downside is the likelihood of getting sunburned and the reality of getting cold! Brr!



  1. Interesting jam, sounds like you have made strawberry 'paste' and sauce instead!! Thanks for the Star Wars heads up too!!!

  2. Oh, did you use those cellophane circles to cover the jam? I used to love helping to cover the jam when my mother made it. I'd soak each circle in vinegar and then stretch the softened cellophane over the top of the jam jar and gently stretch it tight and secure with a rubber band.
    My brothers and sisters used to compete with each other to pop the cellophane with a knife or fork when it was time to open up a new jar of home made jam.
    You can't get the cellophane over here and I always forget to look for it whenever I go home.


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