Staying in order

G'day all!

I will be good. I will present FOs in order of finishing. Plus it lets me string out posts :-)

In October, I had the mad idea that I could knit a shawlette in a week from a skein of luscious 4ply/fingering weight yarn.


May I present to you, in MAY, seven months later....

My Ruffles of Doom shawlette



This was a silly knit. I first thought it was a spring bloom faroese shawl but suddenly the yarn ran out before I was ready for it to - it had gone on and on and on.... So I had to find some (not quite matching) pink recycled cashmere to make a ruffle with, only I didn't ruffle it enough so I had to go find some green recycled cashmere and make a more ruffly ruffle.

Then the pink ruffle decided it was a flap that would sit up at about 45 degrees to the shawl itself, making a V at the bottom so I grabbed a crochet hook, added some stitches to it, hooked it to the green ruffle and generally made it more ruffle-icious. It had to have ruffles you see. And it took forever cos I had over 1200 stitches on the needles for the green ruffle and had not given myself a long enough cable....

Sucky pic, eh? I think I have reverted to childhood, what with all the frills and ruffles. (Hmm, on second thoughts, I didn't do frills and ruffles as a child - I had a tendency to play with the boys cos there were no girls close by to play with. Not unless I went up our steep hill and walked along two streets and down the steep hill again.)

But it is done and lessons are learnt. Hooray!

Oh, there is no pattern. I made it up out of my head. I wanted faroese-style shaping (though apparently faroese shawls start at the bottom and work up and mine is top down). I wanted a sorta floral idea but not too fancy - wish I'd done more fancy cos oh my the stocking stitch got a bit dull! So I remembered how I made the GPY shop sample from last year and cast on and off I went.

In other projects, I have finished the current shawl, I have pics as those of you looking at my flickr account know, and this has freed me up to start working on my chemo queen bedjacket again. Hooray! I am trying to stay monogamous to one project at a time - I have a small project to carry with me and a big one for at home knitting. It does help me finish stuff but I am not letting it stop me from working on more than one thing at a time.

The sleeves are done - I've knitted them with short rows such that they sit just above my elbow fold at the front/inner and hopefully cover my sharp pointy elbows at the back. Now I can use the rest of the yarn on the body. It is like knitting a shawl - each row has over 300 stitches but at lest they are not increasing! I am hoping that I have enough yarn to get just past my waist. It is a proper bedjacket shape - loose and swingy. I think I'll be able to wear it not just as a bedjacket (it won't get much use as that I hope!). I love the way in the pic, especially if you look at the larger versions, the jacket is reallly fuzzy. It sorta goes hazy/misty from certain angles - that is the cashmere (blue) component of the yarn strutting its stuff.

Finally, a little message from our sponsor (well not quite but thanks for the hottie and the not shown book, Jum8uck!)



  1. Like your sunnies!

  2. Abbeysmum9:41 pm

    Hi Lyn, Just found you while browsing Yarn Harlot. I have been quilting for many years and find that cutting on anything the wrong height kills my back pretty you just put normal 440 gram cans under the legs of a standard table and there you have bench height, which really makes a huge difference.don't use ring pull type cans as the weight can cause tiny holes and that will give you food poisoning.Good Luck be kind to your back !


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