Poor pudding tat

G'day all!

Isn't this a sad thing


the poor cat, waiting to come in - she's found the (let me) In Tray!

I've still been busy recently, buzzing around, not really getting that much done quite frankly! I'm making good progress on my Echo Flower shawl - only got 1.5 repeats to go before I start the edging charts I think. HOORAY! There's over 300 stitches per row now and it takes a while to get each row done (20 minutes or so). Given how much time I can spend knitting, it seems surprising that it isn't yet finished.

Pics today are of Nutmeg, in various moods.

I've joined two quilting swaps, one just a little charm swap. Egads, cutting charms (5" squares) is hard work, especially when you have to iron twenty-five different lots fabric first. Also I don't have a cutting table, I have a cutting mat on the floor. That adds to the difficulty somewhat. The second swap needs me to get a couple of metres of material, one white, one "fresh modern" and then make signature blocks - yep, 101 blocks. Yikes!

What was that?

Plus I've joined an international shawl swap on Ravelry. I think I am blasted mad, joining all these things when I'm on chemo and have weeks where I struggle to do more than crawl out of bed and to the computer or the couch. Plus I have to have an operation and then radiotherapy, but the swaps will all be well and truly done by the time radiotherapy starts.

Eh, nothing. Bored now.

I'll get the charms out this week - I've only got to cut the squares now from the strips of fabric and then make sure my three swapees get one square of each. They will send me 25 little blocks of fabric. It will be fun! Hope they like what I've cut. Hope I've cut it well enough... (am thinking I might recut some cos it is a bit cactus.)

Are you still pointing that thing at me?

If I pull my finger out and start knitting, I'll get to the last repeat of the shawl tonight. Unless I decide to recut two strips cos they are cactus. Then we'll see if both the cats sleep all night on the bed again - couldn't believe it last night. Nutmeg is a good puss and sleeps the night through without fuss. Cheshire is usually annoying but last night he was good too! Obviously being cold helps him stay put. They've been sleeping together a fair bit recently - must be the cold. I've been horribly cold recently. It has become chilly and fairly damp even though it has been sunny. I can't even dry clothes on the washing line. *grumble mutter*

Well nyer to you too!

I thought this is an interesting series - fit to flatter. How to choose knitwear that looks great on you or modify patterns so they suit your body. I hope lots of people pay for the series or individual entries as a lot of work has gone into it (and I'm currently incomeless and want freebies to continue to be available - when we get an income then I can contribute!).

Oh won't you let me in?



  1. I'm really enjoying the Fit to Flatter series too, I love all the colour and shape analyses people do. I liked that they discussed some of the Twist Collective things.
    MrsDrWho's cats have heated cat beds: they work a treat!! The cold is a getting up inhibitor though. Such cute cat photos, in the inbox file!! The tongue!!
    I think joining things gives you a reason to be getting up and having a purpose. Mind you, did you say 101 signature blocks???!!!


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