Cabin fever

G'day all!

I am getting a bad case of cabin fever at the moment.

Over this weekend and last weekend, I have or am about to miss:

  • The Australian Quilt Convention
  • Stitches and Craft
  • Field of Women (footy match with a breast cancer fund raiser beforehand)
  • Mother's Day Classic (breast cancer fund raiser, 4/8km walk/run)

Even if I thought it was a good idea to go near lots of people whilst my immune system is run down, we don't have any money for me to spend, which would frustrate me even more! Plus online there's some material I want to buy at a good price but again, no money.

*grump* *whine* *moan*

Yes, this too shall pass and I do expect to be able to do these things next year (though the material will never again be available and that makes me pout more) but I am letting myself feel sooky and unloved and left out when I should be focussing on the things I can do. But the things I can do are BORING! I've been doing them for MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS. My world has contracted to this little space and it is BORING!


(OK, watching the changes in the weather and season and my garden are not boring but I'd like a little variety.)

Admittedly I now have the energy to be annoyed about not being able to do stuff. Earlier in the week, I had enough energy to whine about how much things hurt - never thought that my ribcage, sternum, back and knees were involved in white cell production - but that was it. No extra energy to do much at all, especially since one of my knees was out of whack (mostly fixed by chiro, now it hurts the same as the other knee and I can walk on it without it hurting more). Being in pain saps a lot of energy.

(my eyebrows and eyelashes are falling out. And I've lost the little hairs in my ears. But my leg hairs are still hanging in there!)

Grossness ensues in the next paragraph or two. You are warned.

Hehehehe. Yucky but true part of being on chemo is the dread fell constipation. Oh my goodness, I think I've only been that clagged once before. Alas when on chemo you can't take the usual sorts of greasing things to help nature along, nor the ointments that help poor sore bits. Nope, had to get some special liquid from behind the counter at the chemist. I looked it up online and it said it takes 3-4 hours to work, sometimes up to 24 hours. So I took some. I really enjoyed it - very sweet. Reminded me of when I was little and took sudafed liquid. My taste buds are shot currently and I can only taste intense stuff or fragrant stuff. 20 MINUTES later my eyes bug out of my head. 45 minutes later, what a relief but ohmygoodness! It was a little abrupt... I am hoping that well over 24 hours later, the repercussions will settle down. The gurglings and growlings and gassings have been amazing (though DH had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant and his outgassings far surpass mine in fragrance and quantity - alas yes my nose still does work....). I am only allowed to ice affected bits (you try icing such areas!). I am not sure I will take any more of the medication, sweet or not. I think I'll use other means (I am told baked pears are wonderful, I have prunes, I have senna) unless I have no choice. LOL


I know my taste buds are shot cos I am enjoying the fake cherry flavour of nilstat. Like what is up with that? I normally loathe that taste, along with almond essence. But currently? Come to mama!

I've scattered pics of my hairy bear hats through this post, just to give it some knitting flavour. I've donated these enormous hats to the chemo centre. The hats cover a lot of head and I think look pretty good, like the bad hair day hat. They fit enormous noggins too, which is why I call them hairy bear hats. The chemo centre has lots of hats at present. I might need to find a new place to send the hats I am still knitting.


I am still finishing off the shawlette ruffles - only 600 cast off stitches to go! HOO-BLASTED-RAY! But then I have to fix the first ruffle - it sits badly. As one of my Oddball mates on Ravelry said, maybe I should have crocheted the ruffles?

Oh. Umm. Yeah. Crochet!

(A little cat cuteness to finish off a ranty whiny post)



  1. Love the hats! Did you keep one? They are sufficiently silly, I hope so.

  2. Very cute cat photo. Nice to see you can still smile!!! I know what you mean about missing out, it isn't fair, is it??

  3. May 13 2010
    It's been a while since you posted (11 days in fact. Hope all is OK with you. We are all thinking of you

    --- stay strong


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