Laying low

G'day all!

I might be laying low for the next few days. Don't get too worried if I don't blog, though I may well cos I'll be bored and brainless. New chemo and/or the bone marrow stimulant does interesting things to my body. Whatever muscles I use hurt - I've been knitting a bit so my forearms are sore, I've been leaning on the desk so my back/shoulder muscles are sore, I walked a whole 500m if that so my knees and thighs are sore, things just ache. Time for some paracetamol, see if that knocks it down some.

Smoke me a kipper, etc etc....



  1. Stoke me a clipper: it all sounds jolly rotten. Hope you are feeling shipshape soon. And I always want to say : A vast behind!! Those ship goers must have had big bottoms.

  2. Hope all is back to (semi) normal after this blip - this too shall pass!

  3. Thats ok!!just look after yourself!Were home today all with the flu though I was up til 2am lodging my Uni assignments last night and although tired am a bit excited I can do some spinning and knitting,might even drag out some sewing too if I can find a space in the mess that inhabits my table....

  4. Hope you feel better soon! At least it seems that the pain and suffering are paying off cancer-defeating wise.


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