Still crackers

G'day all!

Oh what a day it has been.

I ate something I shouldn't have. I think. Or maybe it is the chemo. Let's just say it is gross but I am still showing a family trait of not throwing up. Plus the last couple of nights it seems that I won't sleep for more than two hours at a time and have to get up to pee a lot, and by 3:30am I may as well get up for an hour or two to deal with the spinning monkey brain and legs that want to wriggle. Now we have an extra complication.

And DH is down. He has a couple of little jobs at the moment but they are not Real Jobs. I didn't realise his identity is so tightly tied to his job. Is that a boy thing?


I am actually pretty good apart from the little purging issue and the lack of sleep. I went for a little bike ride to some local shops and the library yesterday, today I walked most of a kilometre. Days 6-7 of the last cycle I could hardly walk before I saw my chiro - lots of spasms and knee pain and back pain etc etc. This time around a few aches and pains and weird muscle twinges but nothing like last time. Even the indigestion isn't as bad. But my skin is starting to flake. Ick.

So we are a bundle of misery at present. But I can still crack a grin and have a chuckle at things. Then I race off to the loo again.

I still have faith that things will get better, unlike DH. I rang Centrelink today and started our process of applying for the dole. OK DH has a couple of small jobs currently but they are not full time and they will not last more than a week. The dole may be a PITA to deal with but it is a small amount of income and will keep the wolves from the door for a while longer. I have no idea if it can be backdated but given we are almost out of cash, we have to try something!


I finished my Echo Flower shawl today, with time to spare for the May knitalong on Ravelry. Hooray! I haven't downloaded pics yet - I thought I should model the blocked shawl and get some decent daytime pics of it - I only have pics of it under flash blocking on the bed.

Of course I left the door shut to stop Nutmeg hopping on the bed with the blocking shawl. But someone didn't know the door should be kept shut, and where was the Nut found after tea?

Slap bang in the centre of the blocking shawl. I should've taken a pic!

Now I have to find something else to knit. I should concentrate on finishing my chemo queen jacket over the next few days, then start a new lace project for June. I have plenty to knit and quite a bit of time to knit and spin in.

I'm starting a new project - I want to spin up some natural grey fleece for the international shawl swap on Ravelry. Then I'll have to knit a good size shawl from it. I'm intending to spin yarn around a DK/8 ply weight so 5mm needles will be called for to give it a bit of flow. Should be interesting! Hope I can get enough fleece processed - it is all washed but I have to flick it out and may drum card it. I'm currently doing samples to see how it comes up. I hope the trots are not related to the prepping fleece - I've been wearing a mask and washing my hands thoroughly after handling clean fleece. I've even worn gloves and probably should keep doing so. Plus I want to spin up some yarn suitable for knee high socks from some Ixchelbunny BFL/seasilk/bunny.


We'll see how things go. Wish me luck - if the gut thing keeps going I could end up in hospital and I *really* do *not* want that to happen.

Pics today are of Spring from over a year ago. Gosh how life was simple then!


PS - thanks for icecream suggestions. I can get a couple of nice sorbets from the supermarket (DUH!) and I've bought some soy based GF/DF "icecream" too, see what it is like. And some soyghurt to help the poor old gut. Hope it is nice but currently with my lack of taste buds....


  1. Goodness - I find amazing you can have all this going on and still smile. Good for you! Fingers crossed all works out on the tummy, the "ice cream" and the dole/jobs!

  2. Years ago when I first came over to the US, I took a job as a medical assistant in an office (earning medical assistant wages)until I could get my RN license recognised.
    Once I did get my RN license and got a job at RN level earning RN wages, I couldn't believe how restored I felt ---suddenly I was the real ME again.
    The whole experience made me realize how much of my identity is tied up in my job role. So no, I don't think it's just a guy thing.
    Hope things turn around soon - keeping you in my thoughts -- wish there was more I could do!

  3. Awww... hang in there and good luck with the job search!


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