I could...

Really go some nice gluten free, dairy free "ice cream" right now. Mmmmmm.... Whilst we do great GF/DF bread in Oz, unlike te US which has dreadful muck, we do not do good ice creams for those of us deprived of the usual sort. So currently I'm missing this (I must've eaten at least a hundred tubs of that whilst we were in the States) and this (mint choc chip! What more could I want in a flavour!) and even this (verra nice if it hadn't been allowed to defrost - the ribbon through it would go icy). Heck some cookie dough would be great right now - weird texture, sorta crunchy.

The GF/DF icecreams here tend to be quite expensive (I thought $5 for a quart was expensive but most of the Oz ones are $7-8 and pretty darned hard to come by). Now I could haul out our icecream maker and muck about with some coconut milk and stuff but I just want to eat icecream right now. Mmm, icecream. (Maybe I want to eat it cos my gullet is sore again, not as badly as sometimes but sore enough. However the killer indigestion is yet to raise its evil head and hammer me, just the weird burpy uncomfortable indigestion. *touch wood*)

Weird how different places do different things better.

Wonder if there is a market here or not. I know that I am a market but only a rather small one - my best consumption rate was 3 quarts in a week and that was being very piggy. Wonder if anyone could launch such a product here and have it be successful. Of course one has to have a product to launch first. And I am not a business person nor a food chemist nor a cook nor a production specialist.

The good news? I am still here! I even got some things done today. I tidied some and vacuumed some and knitted another six rows on my Echo Flower shawl and went out to get some bits and bobs - first time I've been out on a first Tuesday of the chemo round for months! (Hmm, now thinking it doesn't sound like I did much at all but I did house cleaning for a good couple of hours, not that you would realise it!) I've had the staggers all day but I've done much more than last time or yesterday even. Hopefully I'll be more compos tomorrow - I certainly am a bear of very little brain currently. Focussing on the screen is a little difficult even if I wear my glasses. I guess that is a hint! (But if so, it's been a hint all day long.) Body is a bit sore - whatever muscles I use carry on sometimes even like pork chops. Occasionally joints get into the act too. It is very odd. Knees randomly say Do Not Walk On Us but really knees I have to walk on you cos you are attached to my feet via my shins and I need the whole lot of you to cooperate to perambulate us all around the place.

My goodness, what a random post. I think I should take me to bed whilst my knees will allow it to be so.



  1. Would sorbet take some of the edge off? Surely they decent sorbet in Oz.

  2. That should read" surely they *have* decent sorbet in Oz.

  3. Oh my you are all over the place...go to bed and rest. I could check with my sister if she knows of any places around that do decent GF/DF ice cream that isn't rock solid expensive. She is GF, her son is DF so she may know.

  4. do you like bananas? they make a pretty good ice snack. about when they start to ripen. peel & cut up & freeze. then pulverize. i have a stick blender. you can add lemon juice. or berries. and/or some DF milk of your choice. then put back in freezer. sometimes i just eat it when it is slushy. even in the States the GF/DF just costs too much.


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