You know you are a sad puppy when...

G'day all!

I am a sad puppy - I sit and read my own blog and get amused by what I write. Golly, some of this is sorta interesting I think. It is the sorta stuff I like to read. Plus some of the pictures are pretty good. Oh heck, this is my blog!


OK, what have we got today?

More pictures! Yes, after a famine comes a feast of pictures. I think I'll have to spread them out a bit.

Here's some recent spinning. I've been slowly spinning up a fairly fine yarn with the pale gelati fleece. Here's the fleece all prepped and ready to rock and roll:

and here's some singles

and here's a little hank - about 24g and well over 100m, only I can't remember what I counted on the niddy noddy now. It is skewed to the blue end cos that is where I broke off the spinning - it had more blue repeats than any other colour.

In actual fact, rather than spinning it slowly, I am spinning it very very quickly - you should see how fast my poor treadling foot has to go to spin this fine stuff up quickly enough. Yes, I could get a 2 or 3 ratio flier but umm that requires money and the Stitches and Craft show is this weekend and I am bound to blow my budget severely. So for the time being, I just have to make that spinning wheel fly! Nutmeg the cat loves it:

(and if you can identify whose leg is behind Nutmeg, you get extra bonus brownie points from me!)

Nutty loves the spinning wheel. She loves "sitting" on my lap as I try to spin around her. She stands on my lap and watches it intently, riding the surf of my leg going up and down, up and down. She is particularly fascinated by the big lumpy knot on the drive band and occasionally tries to catch it as it flies past.

I got bored with spinning something that was taking about an hour or two for every 5g of fleece, so I spun up the peacock fleece. The yarnharlot has some of this too - I'd love to see how she spins it up.... I fluffed the fleece up a lot more than normal - you can see the fleece as bought on the left and the prepped stuff on the right.

It takes me about 1.5-2 hours to spin up 50g of fleece

and about half an hour to navajo ply it. That makes some roughly 8-ply or DK or umm a bit bigger than worsted - sport? weight yarn.

I am still knitting! No pics cos the person who I am knitting for may see it! Plus there is Nathan's blasted sock. I am in sock hell. I hate the sock. Why did I decide to do all of the cuff in 1X1 rib??? Whatever possessed me? I knew it was going to be bad and it is worse than bad. No pics cos if I took a pic every day of it I would get depressed - 30 minutes a day is seemingly making no progress. Plus I've realised that it is so long since I cast it on, I can't remember how many stitches I cast on - I've added some along the way I know.

Finally, here's a picture of a very relaxed cat. Nutmeg is weird. I've never seen a cat lie upside down as much as she does. This is very moderate for her - often she has all four legs splayed out in a very uncatlike pose. She was very naughty tonight twice and got two spanks. That upset her and she didn't talk to me for all of 15 minutes!

No pics of Cheshire at present. She is a funny cat - hides for most of the day then appears and tells me to uncross my legs so she can hop up by sticking her claws into my leg. Thanks! I don't want to encourage her but like what can I do? The other day she was excitedly examining the outside world through the bedroom window. Wish I'd had the camera handy and recorded a little movie. Cheshire is a good sized puss. Each one of her paws leaves dints on your leg. The head of the bed is by the window. Nathan was still asleep... can you tell where this is leading?

Here's the cat, standing on her back legs, peering out the window. Nathan is asleep, making whiny whinging noises cos the cat is STANDING ON HIS HEAD to get high enough to see out the window! LOL!

I must say I am getting sick of the pawprints on the toilet seat and bowl.... Like what is this fascination of cats with toilet water? It still is chlorinated though it gets a chance to (ahem) degas if it isn't used often. I put filtered water down for them in the bowl - they wouldn't drink the water out of the kitchen tap, can't blame 'em either. The water at the front tap is great, the water out of the bathroom tap is fine but the kitchen tap? ICK!

on that charming note,



  1. Oooooooh I love the wool you are spinning!! Do you buy them those gorgeous colours or do you dye then yourself?
    One day I will learn how to spin! Might have to pinch my sister Spinning Wheel..She doesnt know how to use it anyway.


  2. Anonymous7:02 am

    The similarities between our wheels are endless. I too covet a faster flyer...and it's one reason I get spinners limp!
    (The reference to the knot in the drive band would mean that we have made other similar modifications....)

    (yarn Harlot)


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