Melbourne blahs

G'day all!

Well what a week of contrasts it has been. Started the week off feeling pretty good but waaaay TOO HOT! Now we are wishing we had a bit of good weather. It was freezing yesterday (in the sense that a Melburnian understands it, which really means that we had about 10-15 degrees Celsius to go before it reached freezing) and today it is mild but no more than that. Blasted weather should be much nicer today cos it is the day of the Melbourne Grand Prix (yes, the rest of Australia calls it the Australian Grand Prix, but it is OURS! All OURS! Well at least for as long as the world motor sport body decides we should have motor sports here).

Let's have a picture or two of some of the things I've been spinning recently:

This single is one from the recent dyeing experiments. It came up like the colours for a football club that used to be in Melbourne but merged with a power team in the league and moved to Brisbane. I've called it Fitzroy.
my yellow, red/maroon and blue singles

And the Navajo plied yarn:
in honour of long gone Fitzroy footy club

And one with green in it:

These were spun from this:

hand dyed by yours truly

I think I'll use them for mittens and a hat. Someone might like them!

It has been a weird time for me recently. A good friend left work, well her job got sent to India. That is weird cos we used to chat by email and now I have less chat opportunity. The people (90% females) in my area are much more interested in clothes and their jobs than anything else, and it gets a little boring. Plus I just passed my 7th anniversary of work and I am really starting to get the seven year itch. I have had enough of it, and days like Tuesday just push me further towards the edge. (What happened on Tuesday? I got feedback from my recent training days and it was not good. The people in the training did not know why they are there and did not appreciate being there and the info they got from me was not enough to mollify them. It is a political thing and I am totally and utterly sick of politics. I am a trainer, not management and the managers are not telling their staff that they are falling down in certain areas and not doing well enough. That has to come from management, not from me.)

Plus it is TWENTY YEARS since I started uni. ARGH! Where did the last 20 years go? 13 years on and off at uni, including four working part time at the Dept Social Security, and 7 at AXA. Lots of retrospective stuff happening, and plenty of figuring out what I should have done in hindsight. Not much point though cos what is done is done and there is no going back and fixing it. Maybe that is why I like knitting cos I can go back and fix my mistakes. Then again, I can't fix spinning mistakes but they are all part and parcel of the whole deal. Sorta like life, really.

Plus it is March. I always go flat in March. March is the time of year when the long days disappear and the weather starts getting cooler (ha! This year it did that in early FEB!) and I realise yet another year of my life has gone by. Summer is gone, I'll be coming home in the dark in another two or three months and leaving before sunrise and it is all very tragic! Where did the last year go? Did I do anything good? Or am I just marking time? I tend to fear I am doing the latter. Until Nathan finishes his PhD I do not know what we are up to, where we'll end up or what we'll do. I have to stay where I am cos I am not game to take a risk and not have a job at all. Nathan's income will pay the rent and bills and that is it. No food, no nothing.

It is making me wonder what I would like to do. Getting a package from work would be good cos then I could spend six months sorting myself out and finding out what I could do that would earn me enough to live comfortably on. Getting a package is about as likely as me levitating under my own steam though (nb I have been known briefly to levitate on occasion but it has usually taken external intervention, such as my chiro poking a particularly sore spot or Nippy the huntsman suddenly running out of the mail - he has taken up residence in the letter box....). So I'll have to do it in time snuck here and there.

Here's some new stuff I want to spin up that I bought yesterday at great expense to the management:

The new fleece:

Waterlilies - I reckon this would make a gobsmacking lacy shawl if I can spin it fine enough. Even though I love the bright, rich colours, these sorts of colours and delicate pinks look fab on me.
gentle colours of Monet's waterlilies

More Gelati cos one 90m hank is not enough:

bright bright circus colours

A pale Gelati:

softer gelati coloured fleece

Here's what the Carnivale looks like spun up and in the cake:

lurid brights

Yes, the cake flared madly under the flash. It really is lurid! I love it :-)

Next time I might show off Nathan's sock. Yes, I am an inch into the ribbing on the cuff. Admittedly the cuff started 0.5cm above the short row heel but I figured lots of ribbing would ensure it stayed up well. So Nathan will soon have a sock. Most people want two socks. I hope Nathan is not too fussy about this matter cos this sock seems to have taken forever. I have two socks, two frogged socks and somewhere or another I have one cotton-mix sock but I haven't seen it for a while. Plus I should have nearly finished a bag I am making for a lovely lady in Merredin, Western Australia.

Finally, here is a gratuitous shot of Nathan and Cheshire. Look at those smiles:
two happy critters

And one of the lovely Lake Mountain summit circuit trail. One of my favourite plants is just finishing up its flowering - if you look closely in the heft hand corner of the large image, you might see some spikey pink bobbles, grass triggerplants aka Stylidium aff graminifolium:
Lake Mountain



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