It lives!

G'day all!

Yes it lives! It is also mighty glad that it can't smell a thing at the moment (admittedly this means it can't taste anything apart from things like vinegar either, which is a downer). Yes while this critter lives, apparently another one has died under the house again. This is an ongoing saga that we are getting somewhat over.... Anyway I can't smell it so it isn't affecting me.

What a week it has been. I've spent 3.5 days at home with this rotten bug and I still sound like someone has put a peg on my nose. You reckon Aussies are nasal normally? Well if only you could hear my husky nasal voice right now!

On a different note, my boss fanged on me yesterday about something where I was trying to save work's money and I nearly resigned on the spot. Totally over work. I have this need to feel like I am contributing and I don't feel like I am contributing at all at present. OK, so I am getting a work trip to Brisbane next week, but honestly I am not even going up there to deliver training. I am going to there to watch and learn a better way of presenting. I could do that in Melbourne, cos I am learning from my team mate who is also based in Melbourne. Guess I'd better get my CV onto seek and get the paper today!

No pics quite yet of the laceweight I am trying to spin with the pale gelati. I think laceweight yarn would be easier on a wheel with more than one ratio cos I am treadling like a mad treadling thing. Much faster and I think we'll achieve take off! After reading the Harlot's post on drafting, I am now finding it a lot easier - I always loosen up the fibres but I didn't loosen them that much. Anyway, it is taking many hours to spin it. Normally I spin 50g of wool into singles within an hour or two and navajo ply in less than an hour but this.... after about five hours, I had the first 24g plied up. That felt like a lot of spinning!


along with some other goodies, finally reached its destination yesterday! Hooray! I was starting to worry that the nice man from Canada customs had told me the wrong info! Can you guess who it went to?


  1. I read on Yarn Harlot about what you sent! I am amazed Aussie is the only place with Tim Tams! I also sent some to a Canadian friend..Made her promise to slam at least one if she wants anymore ;)

  2. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Oh! Oh! I know where you sent it!
    (have I mentioned the mittens? Freezing with much snow tonight and your wee thrums kept my hands toasty. Pretty good for somebody who hasn't been on the rock)

    (yarn harlot)

  3. Very pretty colors. I don't know where it's going but if it visited my house I would not be disappointed.

  4. Another Yarlot fan checking in. Hello from snowy Toronto, Canada.

    Yarnivorous is a great name — clever you.


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