away away!

G'day all!

We are going for a bit of a drive. Don't know where we are going exactly but hopefully we'll find some cheap accomodation along the way! Don't know how long exactly we'll be away for either. Possibly until Friday, maybe earlier.

Have a wonderful Easter break and I'll talk to you



  1. lucky duck. i have the next 4 days off (m-th) but we're not going anywhere. enjoy!

  2. I am jealous! I get to get away for 2 days (mind you both consist of travelling) early this coming week.

    Hope you Easter is going better then ours. My eldest daughter decided to have her first seizure in 10mths this morning! SIGH..


  3. Anonymous5:43 am

    How lovely. I dream of just talking off....
    Tell us about it when you get back.

    Yarn harlot


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