A perfect Sunday drive

G'day all!

What a marvellous weekend it was!

Perfect weather - in the low 30s compared to about 12 the week before. We are talking real numbers here - Celsius. Blue sky. Sun. A drive to the beach.... Air conditioning....

I drove down to Dromana, which is about 60-odd km southish of where I live, except you have to take a bit of a detour eastwards around Port Phillip (the bay that Melbourne sits on/around).

My reasons for driving down were ostensibly to visit this shop, but despite the website saying it is open on Sundays from 9-3, it was unexpectedly shut. The lady in the craft shop along the way was surprised. I was a little disappointed but hey I was at the beach and everything was alright!

Really, I wanted to go to the beach. I haven't been to the beach all summer and I figured this was my last chance. Himself doesn't like sand and didn't come along. He had other things to occupy him so I took off.

Bay beaches are very quiet, gentle sorts of beaches mostly. If you want some surfing excitement, you need to go to the "back beaches" or the ones that face straight onto Bass Strait.

Here's a random jumble of pics from my morning at the beach. Such calm conditions are usually associated with an inversion layer (warmer air trapped under a cold air layer) lying over the bay.

(If you know what these are, drop me a line. I can't find my book of seaside things - it's probably hiding in himself's unusual bookshelf arrangement)

The feet are a reminder that you should try to use the viewfinder when taking shots over the edge of the pier. LOL! Here's what I really wanted to take a pic of:

By lunchtime, it was getting pretty busy - the pics are timestamped around 10:30 - 11ish. Plus a gentle breeze was blowing, ruffling up the bay a bit. Not as pretty IMO.

I then drove to the other side of the Mornington Peninsula from Dromana and visited one of my favourite native plant nurseries. Still don't know what the bloke's name is but his nursery in Bittern has been a favourite for about 5 years. He is selling up the land and will only sell through markets now. Sadness! He reckons he can get about 1,000 varieties of plants in propogation. Cool! Will have to track him down!

I bought a few little plants from him in tubes. Here is a 5-6" bloom from the native hibiscus - I have to pull the flower heads off cos there are only four green leaves on the poor little plant....

And a close=up of its crepey skin-like petals:

Back to your regular broadcast tomorrow. Lots of spinning pics - I am a spinning bore these days! But soon I will have FOs to show off. Hooray for me!



  1. What a nice drive! I was warm for a moment seeing the beach while listening to a forecast which has more snow falling for the vernal equinox here in NJ. Great.

    Oh those things look very much like jellyfish. I once upon a time poked one I found lying on the beach when I was a little girl. Looked much like the picture. Boy my finger stung for quite a while.


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