My first novelty yarn

G'day all!

Now I know what you are thinking. Lynne has gone off her nut and bought more novelty yarns.

But no! Looky this:
ungoth yarn

This is the first novelty yarn I've spun. Well I call it a novelty yarn - you might call my other efforts novelty yarns too! LOL! I dyed up some yummy merino/15% silk:
luscious silk and merino roving

in what I hoped would turn out to be dark and rich, brooding colours but the blasted deep blue went powder blue instead:
not as goth as I wanted roving

Then I spun up one ply with the occasional dash of a bit of purple or carmine fleece and another ply with some of Jacinta's hand-dyed silk wrapped around the ply. The silk is amazing, btw - when you fluff it up it becomes absolutely gorgeous. Light bright and wonderful! I plied the two singles together and threw in the occasional little bit more silk to add some more colour. It is mostly between what we in Australia call a 5 or an 8 ply (DK or a thin worsted). There is over 120m in the 50g
the ungoth yarn

Then I gave it to a friend for her birthday. I had dyed it up for her - she has Goth sensibilities. That is why I was so peeved that the blue washed out to wussy blue.

Plus a friend has asked for a purple vegan fox. I've made a brown one for A1 and a silver one for me so far. A purple one is different and unusual, in a nice way. It isn't quite as lurid as it seems in the pics but again getting a true colour in a digipic is hard. So this one went to Purplexity:

A2 vegan fox

(I am the model BTW. Excuse the armpit shot - at least I had shaved recently! LOL)
He has such a silly sad looking face:
purple vegan fox face

I finally managed to spin up the rest of the pale gelati. I have about 260m of yarn from the 54g of fleece. Not bad for a beginner! Now I have to spin up the waterlily colour. Plus the 100g of mint green roving I got that the craft show (it looks wussy nothing green yellow in the photo from yesterday's post but it is really a beautiful minty green colour). Then I can make me a lacy shawly wrap thing out of it. Only I have to find an easy pattern cos I am not good at the counting bizzo. Yes I can count to whatever number but between cats, blogs and husband I get interrupted a bit. That is what stitch markers and row counters, etc are for but I forget to wind on the row counter too.

I haven't indulged in many pussy photos recently. But today! Bwahahahahaha!

small cat becomes long cat on bed

Dunno how that hand-dyed roving and silk got to the cat's belly...but some made it into the novelty yarn.
silk and bright roving

Cheshire did something very unusual on Sunday. She lay pretty much upside down and kneaded the air:
pleased cat

Whilst napping between Nathan's legs as Nathan napped:
hubbo and happy cat



  1. Anonymous4:55 pm

    What a lucky friend to get such a lovely birthday present - that blue & purple yarn is just gorgeous.


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