El quicko!

G'day all!

Just a quick one. It's been an interesting few days. Went to the Stitches and Craft show. Others thought it dull, I enjoyed it. Each to their own.

I shall do some pics of the new additions to the stash tomorrow- it is too late for me to do them tonight. 'Twil take about another hour to code them in and I have to get up early tomorrow and go to **** - that horrible four letter word.

Much sadness - one of the skeins of Noro that I bought is stinky with mothballs. The most expensive skein is the stinky one of course! Mothballs/naphthalene makes me as sick as a dog. I'll stay sick for a day afterwards. It does something weird to my nervous system it seems. Anyway, what this means is that I can't use the skein of wool as it is. Any ideas?

One of the cats is a right escape artiste - she managed to get out of the cat run when I thought it was cat proof.... Not that the cat run is particularly large or well made since I spent the morning enclosing the back verandah with large chicken wire and then decided Nathan could do the "hard" bits.

Hmm, better get me ready for bed. Time for jimjams, brushing toothy-pegs, etc.



  1. try letting it air out outside (hold your breath til it gets out there or have hubby do it). sometimes sunshine and fresh air will do the trick. otherwise, maybe rinse it with vinegar, or maybe febreeze, if y'all have that down there. the only other solution i can come up with is wool wash. hope these help


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