A few pics from the S&C show

G'day all!

I have been very slow getting these pics up! This is partly because I had to finish a couple of present for people over the weekend and also cos I had sooo many pics to edit!

The Stitches and Craft show is one of the biggest events in Melbourne for crafters. It has a definate female bias.... Lots of quiltworking, needlework, scrapbooking, beading, various weird things that you may not have heard of, and a random selection of yarns.

So what goodies did I get?

OK, let's start off with a confession. Yes I did buy the novelty yarns, six for $5 per bag. Two bags cos I really like the fake fur in purple and in red, and the funny white/green/brown one will be just someone else's cup of tea:
evil fluffy yarns

Plus I bought three balls of a 100% wool. No it is not black and white. It is black, white and lavender only lavender is not a good colour for the camera to pick up against such contrasty colours:
not black and white yarn

OK, confession over. Here's the good stuff.

A minute amount of Colinette from Sarah (a lovely lady - buy her stuff!) - some Shimmer Point 5 and some luscious blue and mauve mohair. Why yes I am about 80 years old and I love those colours! Plus the Artyfacts book:
book and two Colinette yarns

Some Noro from Threads and More. Only problem is that the big skein of Kochoran (on the left) is reeky of naphthalene and it is making me ill. Not happy cos it cost nearly $20 for the skein and I can't use it. Plus it keeps trying to infect my other yarns with its stench. I am currently knitting the dull ball up into a cap only I am not sure it will be a cap big enough for me or himself....
three different Noro yarns

Plus a skein of Cash Iroha:
dark teal cash iroha

Two books for $10 from the creative books mob:
beading and knitting books

50g of brightly dyed merino (can't help myself, can I??):
bush blush roving

From the Yarn barn, these piles of yummy merino roving, $5 each! Some of these weigh over 100g (more than four oz):
500g rovings

From Coloured Jules I bought some more Merino roving to go with the bright stuff I have been spinning:
pink roving, red roving, or vice versa

And this gorgeous bubble 100% silk, dyed by Julie not specifically for my delectation and delight, but jeez it is lovely. I took the pink lot into work today to paw and fondle to make me feel happier about being at work.

pink bubble silk
blue bubble silk

Julie is a lovely lady. She lives conveniently close to my brother. Except she is always at markets on the weekend... Buy her stuff you people here! Buy her stuff you people overseas! Even with the Aussie dollar buying just under 80 US cents, $18-20 a 100g skein of mohair, hand dyed mohair, must be worth your while!

Tomorrow I may reveal what the postperson brought me today. It is grey, soft and luscious, with a few tangled tips and a fair whack of VM. That should give it away a little!



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