martian death sinuses

G'day all!

Well what a fun couple of days it has been. The sorts of days that make me really really glad I don't have kids. Yes I rediscovered the joys of infected sinuses! Yaaaaaay!

I have been doing things slowly but jeez, it has been slow! A bit of spinning but cos it is a fluey type sinus thing I can't sit in one position for long. A bit of knitting, only Cheshire has taken a liking to attacking the knobs on the end of the needles and appears to have a very high pain threshold cos when they whack her she just keeps on trying to bite them.... I am not particularly sure that she is very bright cos she hasn't put two and two together and realised that I control the needles. (though she just opened a sliding door!) I am trying to discourage her with flailing needles, NO and finger taps on paws and noses but alas she just does not get the hint. Plus I discovered that the BLASTED MICE had gnawed the knob on the end of my 10mm poplar needles! The ones I bought in Lonnie in Tassie (ha, work that out you people overseas!), in what I think might be Katt's favourite yarn shop. I have watched two DVDs - Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Sense and Sensibility. I like me a good bit of Jane Austin. Or is that Austen? Oh no! My brain leaked out (hmm, I thought it was unlikely that *that* was sinus-leakage!) and now I can't remember the correct spelling of the name of one of my favourite authors! Austen. I think. No I don't think....

We still haven't got a good name for the second cat. Currently we are considering Abysinthe, or Absinthe. She would drive anyone bonkers if we were not so delighted with her. She is clever and is a bit naughty. When I tell her off for doing something naughty she glares at me and flattens her ears, which makes me laugh. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Very expressive. She spent half the morning chasing a fly around the place. She and Cheshire play chasey now around the house but still hiss and spit at each other and won't share the bed.

No pics today - used up all the pics the other day!



  1. When did you come to Launceston!?!?!
    Would that favourite shop be Spotlight? lol..Only cos its easy to get to and has a good range of acrylics. Mind you if I was after pure wool I would go to Knits, Needles and Wool!
    you could always name the nameless kitty Alice (to keep an Alice in Wonderland theme?).
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    My cats like attacking my needles too when I knit. That or the wool I am working on.


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