Diddly done!

G'day all!

At last, pictures of the blue cardi, completed. Except I am not happy with the neck. But here they are, little versions only. No click and look at the bigger versions on these! Do you like the moire effect? That is what happens when you take pics in the shadow of shadecloth. The cardi is a bit bigger than I expected, but maybe that is because I forgot whether I was making the medium or large halfway through.... the large is only a 38" bust and I don't call that large!

And the baby hat after washing and ends being darned in (yes in that order - I got a bit over excited)

Then I have been working a bit on this - the baby singlet. It is very rolly-up around the edges at present - I'll have to block at least the bottom hem like billy-o!

A half done cloche made out of some yarn I spun up on the weekend:

Hmm, that looks like an impressive list of things in progress or completed! But the hat was done a week ago, I was just a slack-butt showing it off in its final form. And the cardi was finally done on Monday night and tonight was the first night I organised DH to do some pictures. No pics yet of the amazingly tacky fabulous teal wrap... It is not yet finished.

In other news, three pictures of cats - both wanting to get outside and Cheshire is now starting to get aggressive back. Loopy Lulu (aka TEO Tarpaw) is being rather surprised by Cheshire's aggression. Cheshire is much bigger than Loopy Tarpaw.

Finally, a lovely pic of DH with our prize corn. Yes, last week it started to show signs of the male flowers popping out. This week we have the female silks showing. DH is 195cm/6'5", and the corn is a good metre higher than he is!

That's yer blooming lot, so



  1. i like the blue cardi, although it does look better buttoned up rather than hanging loose. as for your corn, good golly! is this sweet corn or field corn? (this from a farm girl from nebraska, usa, lol) my SO is 6'8" (is that 203 cm?)and that's still a lot taller than him! nice work on the baby hat. is a singlet like a baby t-shirt? all these questions, lol. very nice, at any pace.

  2. ooooh that little beanie is gorgous! what yarn did you use? I love that pink!

    The singlet is really cute too!

    That corn is HUGE!!! good grief I have never seen one that tall and my family has grown them for years!

    Your cats are so cute!

    Cardi looks good too..even if it is a bigger size ;)


  3. the blue cardie is very very nice .
    as for the corn , well i feel a little envious as mine is lucky to be over a metre .

  4. Why don't you rename DH 'Jack", and grow some beans??? ;-)))


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